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Horror Fiction: Sound of Footsteps

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Sound Of Footsteps

The Barrackpore Super Specialty Hospital is situated on the left bank of the Prince Ghat. Near the opposite bank there is a Banyan Garden, popularly known as Botobriksha. In between the Ganges is flowing for thousand years.

Dr. Bose holds a meeting in the evening after the day's practice is over. Out of twelve working doctors, only eleven have participated. 'For one fellow, Dr. Roy, we are getting victimized. His greed is burning our sincere dedications'. The others agree with him. A single drop of urine in a bucket of milk is enough to make it inedible.

Fifty years back a gang of deprived were hiding inside the Botobriksha. The police was in search of some red extremists for months. Ultimately they were caught red handed. The police agents worked everywhere. All were gunned down in a moment. To kill four, some twenty accumulated there. The victims were so thin, one could count their ribs. Every police had fatty belly.

Dr. Roy can listen to the footsteps on empty stairs everyday. He first thought that this was his mistake but now he notices if he lessens the visit of his patients the sound utterly vanishes. The scientific man has a superstitious mind, 'I can't imagine what's happening here'! His colleagues will call him, 'Mad', if they come to know about this incident.

Two dead bodies have flowed from Patna to Barrackpore. They died of Omicron infection. They were deprived Dalits, so were never cremated.

Dr. Roy listens the same footsteps on the stairs of his own two storey house. 'My goodness they followed me here'. He is planning for a critical operation. There is no use of doing it. He wishes to charge a lump sum from the patient's daughter and son-in-law. 'I will cancel the operation'. As soon as this idea comes in his mind, the sound of footsteps is no more.

© 2022 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee