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Horror Fiction: A Quarrel

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

A Quarrel

Room number 117 of Hotel Mount View is a haunted room. Here a gust of chill wind enters through a window located at the south-west corner of the room at 1 am every night. The window pane is broken and none dares to mend it by putting a new glass in place. The hotel authority tried for three times and for three times it broke naturally. At first they thought that it was the job of an angry tourist but when the same thing was repeated for three times, the manager declared, 'There is something wrong in it'.

Two families reach LaShip in East Sikkim. They hire Hotel Mount View. Mr. Dang, the acting manager, allots for them two rooms- Room No. 116 and 118. Mr. Basu asks, 'Why not 117'? Mr. Sen also enquires of. Mr. Dang's hesitation makes them angry. At last Room No. 117 is allotted instead of Room No. 118.

That night Mrs. Basu and Mrs. Sen are gossiping in Room No. 116 and Mr. Basu and Mr. Sen are drinking Royal Stag in Room No. 117. As soon as the clock reads 1 am, a sudden gust of wind enters the room. 'It's snowing outside'. 'Mr. Basu, now is summer, how can it be'! 'Because you have taken extra money from me unethically for own purpose'. 'Why should I waste money'! 'You are a cheat'. 'Hold your tongue'.

Their wives enter Room No. 117. Why their men are quarrelling- it's completely unwise. They wish to control their partners, instead of it they change their moods. 'Yes, Mrs. Sen has eaten my dish, as her husband is unable to pay extra for his wife'. 'No no, Mrs. Basu always takes the front seat in the jeep. We all pay equally but I always get the back seat'.

'Mr. and Mrs. Sen are born miser. It's our blunder to come with them'. Mr. Basu exclaims in anger. 'Then get out'. 'How dare you'! 'How dare you'!

The next morning they leave separately for Shiliguri.

© 2021 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee