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Horror Fiction: A Destiny

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

A Destiny

Mrs. Dasgupta was suffering from breast cancer. Dr. Dey advised, 'The lump in the left breast is still mobile. It should be operated out before getting fixed'. The wildfire was in a benign state. If it woke up, i.e., if the lump developed roots and got fixed, it could spread in lungs and brain within months and there would be no way left to save the poor guy. Mr. Dasgupta used to get only twenty thousand rupees as pension. He worked as a clerk in Government Office. He broke like the monsoon sky, 'How can I find the way for our utter survival'!

Lili was their one and only daughter. She completed MA in Geography and was hunting for a job. She came across an advertisement in the modelling website- an audition was going to be held to choose a beautiful young lady for an advertisement. Mr. and Mrs. Dasgupta were totally against modelling career. Lili told her parents, 'I have got a per time job in a private farm for a month. I will attend the farm for three days in a week- Monday, Wednesday and Friday'. Mr. Dasgupta never wanted to take money from his daughter's income, but he had to.

Lili passed the audition in one chance. But how long would she keep this news hidden from her parents! Her dad watched TV. He could know easily. She was never doing any crime- there was nothing wrong in this.

In the next week shooting started after two days of rehearsal. She received her first remuneration. She was very happy. None could stop her mom's treatment. But that night Mrs. Dasgupta breathed her last. She had high sugar and her heart collapsed.

The following night Mrs. Dasgupta appeared before Lili. 'Stop this nonsense'. 'Mom'. When she was about to hold her, she vanished. Lili was in horns of dilemma. She never knew how could she escape! If she left the contact, she had to pay huge compensation. The following morning she disclosed everything to her dad. 'You can never go back, but don't repeat this again'. 'Ok'.

On the second day of shooting she was heading towards the spot. She saw Mrs. Dasgupta on the way. She hurried back home. She discovered an appointment letter on the letter box. Some one whispered from the back, 'If you have waited for a week, I would have survived'.

© 2022 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee