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Honor and the Light

I cut my teeth writing on Hubpages back in 2009. I've written 17 novels, numerous songs, and short stories since. I love to write love.

Dancing at the Club


At the Silver Club

Neil and Suzie Halliday had been married for less than six weeks. They still liked partying and going dancing at the local clubs. Their favorite club was the Silver Club. The DJ there played a great selection of Rock, Pop, and Dance music. Suzie was always a bit flirty with other men and Neil just accepted it as part of her character. He saw her winking at a drunken young man who had just stumbled off of the dance floor. The man staggered over to Suzie and Neil who were both leaning on the bar.

The drunken man looked at Suzie and said, "Hi, I'm Rick. You look hot." Suzie grabbed Neil's left arm, hugged him tightly, and said, "I'm married to this guy." Rick snapped, "You just winked at me." Neil politely said, "Just go away, friend." Rick stepped back and said, "I'm not your friend and married women shouldn't wink at other guys." Suzie snarled and said, "I didn't wink at you. You're mistaken." Rick snapped back, "You callin' me a liar?" Neil patiently said, "Come on buddy, just go. We don't want any trouble." Out of the corner of his eye, Neil saw Suzie make an angry gesture at Rick.

Rick stumbled sideways to the right and called Suzie a whore. Suzie squeezed Neil's arm tighter and grumbled, "He called me a whore. What are you going to do about it?" Neil looked at her and said, "He's drunk." Suzie snapped, "So you're afraid of him?" Neil pulled her hands loose from his arm and angrily said, "No, as I said, He's drunk. I'm not fighting a drunk. Only cowards beat up drunks." Suzie snarled and said, "Only cowards refuse to defend their women's honor." Neil turned away from her and asked the bartender for a glass of straight whiskey. Suzie grimaced and asked, "What are you doing?" Neil smiled and said, "Preparing to be drunk to fairly fight a drunk."

Drinking Up


Defending Honor

Neil downed three glasses of whiskey in the next half hour. Rick was on and off the dance floor, always giving Neil and Suzie dirty looks. She was becoming angrier and angrier at Neil. She said, "What if you lose and he comes at me?" Neil grinned and said, "Then I guess you need to defend your drunken husband's honor." Neil was swaying as Rick came up to the bar to order a drink. Neil stepped in front of him and said, "You will apologize to my wife for calling her a whore or I will beat your ass."

Rick grinned and growled, "Start beating punk." Neil pushed him and Rick swung at Neil, missing. Neil took a full swing at Rick and hit him, knocking him out. Neil could hear Suzie squealing and shouting for him to kick Rick. Neil was about to walk away when another man stepped up and said, "That's my friend."

The man hit Neil with an uppercut punch and Neil staggered backward as the man hit him time and time again. Within less than a minute, Neil was lying on the dance floor covered in his own blood. The DJ Kneeled by his side and shouted for someone to call an ambulance. The bartender brought bar towels to place on Neil's bleeding cuts. Suzie stood in the crowd and watched with her hands over her mouth.

The next day after facial surgeries and stitching Neil was lying in his hospital bed. Suzie pulled a picture from her purse of herself and pinned it on Neil's information board after she phoned all of her friends and her mother. She had a salon appointment and couldn't stay. She told Neil she'd be back in the morning because she was catching a movie later with her bestie.

Neil found himself glancing at her picture and then staring at the ceiling light. It was as if his soul was searching for answers in the midst of tremendous pain. Thoughts ran through his mind...Suzie was beautiful, sexy, cute, and outgoing. She was adventurous, healthy, fun, and even sweet sometimes. Neil looked into the light and thought it was strange he never listed Suzie as being loving or even caring.

Nurse Mary


Decisions, Decisions

The nurse came back into the room and saw that Suzie was gone. She knew Neil couldn't speak and asked him to nod if he's like a pen and paper? Neil painfully and slightly nodded his head, "Yes." She left and came back with the items and handed them to Neil. He raised his bed to a more comfortable position and wrote on the pad, "I don't want my wife to visit." He showed his writing to the nurse and she asked, "Are you sure?" He scribbled a large, "YES," and held it up. The nurse said she would tell his doctor. He also had her take Suzie's picture down and toss it in the trash can.

The next morning around 10:00 Neil heard Suzie arguing with nurses and then doctors. After heated vulgar verbal slinging, Suzie screamed, "You tell him I don't want to see his loser coward beat-up face anyhow!" Her clicking and clacking high heels echoed on the whole floor as she stomped her way to the elevator. Nurse Mary knew that Neil could hear what went on and rushed to his room. She saw tears and heard him force the words, "Thank you." Nurse Mary spent all of what little extra time she had with Neil. On the third day, he could have a conversation and finally eat soft foods.

He called his lawyer to make arrangements for divorcing Suzie. One of Suzie's friends came to visit and told Neil that Suzie was really sorry and wanted to help him sue that brute who beat him up. The brute happened to be very wealthy. When the Police came to interview Neil, he refused to press charges. Neil wanted the man to pay for hospital bills, dental bills, and work income loss.

Lookin Up


The Light

Neil had the last of his teeth work done weeks later and settled out of court with the man who assaulted him. He walked into the courtroom with his lawyer two months later. Suzie sat with her lawyer and grimaced at Neil. Judge Miles Prader presided. Judge Prader looked at Suzie, then at Neil, and asked, "Young man, why are you divorcing this young lady?"

Neil spoke, "Your Honor...When I wound up in the hospital for defending her honor, I looked at her and then looked at a light in the ceiling. She was blabbing to her friends on her phone and I was in extreme pain. I found comfort in that little light on the ceiling of my room."

The Judge noticed Suzie rolling her eyes. Neil continued, "I could actually stare at the light and block her out completely. For three solid hours, I stared at that light. Finally, I found that I do not love her and really never did love her. I loved the thought of love."

Judge Prader said, "Ok." He looked at Suzie and asked, "Would you like to say anything young lady?" Suzie started with Neil not being man enough to protect her from brutes and continued on and on about how even her cat doesn't really care for Neil. For nearly fifteen minutes she described what she, her friends, and her mother have decided what guidelines marriage should have. The Judge, both lawyers, and Neil found themselves looking up at a ceiling light in the courtroom.

The Judge looked at her, then Neil. He interrupted her blabbering and spoke loudly, "Divorce granted!" He slapped the gavel down, looked at Neil, then up to the light...then back at Neil, and said, "Thanks for the tip."

Court is Adjourned


Night Clubbing with Nurse Mary

© 2022 Tom Cornett

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