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Hollyhocks and Four O'clocks

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.

They grow in a garden along the forest border, all kinds of traditional heirloom flowers, morning glories, snapdragons, hollyhocks and four o’clocks.
Blooming in late summer as the days start to grow shorter, they remind us of days gone by, soon to become dwindling decay on the forest floor.

Not too long after they dry up and wilt will they drop their seeds to bring back the majestic colors of our brilliant memories. Another autumn is almost upon us with splendid fall colors to envelope the senses, the aroma of dried leaves, and trails of damp decaying forest floors. I find myself lost in thought as I wander the foot paths.

Soon I’m in the presence of a late summer elf. He’s smoking his pipe standing contently watching me as I find a stump and sit down. We exchange glances and he decides to speak. “Hello, I’m here to welcome visitors to our late summer backwoods. Feel free to walk the timberland but take only memories if you would.” He turned as I was about to speak, but was gone in the wink of an eye.

I followed the path through the timber as a light rain begin to fall. I quickened my walk towards a little cottage up ahead. I found myself entering in to find the warmth of a fire in the hearth. A kettle of stew boiled over the fire. My little friend appeared once again to serve me a hearty bowl of vegetable stew. We ate our fill with buttered toast and finished off with a mug of warm grog. My little friend once again gone, I found my way to a comfortable cot and snuggled in an enlightening deep sleep.

As I dreamed, my little elf friend showed me the forest as he knew it long ago. It was much grander before the grumps came along. They ruined the beauty of the woodlands and now it’s just dusty flat fields. In my dream my late summer friend told me of a great plan to replant the forest with lovely oak trees, maple trees, pines and evergreens and many other timberland flora. It was a grand plan and I told him I’d help him when I woke up!

I was excited to help my little friend get busy to plant the seedlings he had started in his hidden greenhouse. Because it was late summer now, we’d have to wait ‘til next spring to start the plantings. We decided to stay in touch til then and I went on my way in the meantime. I bid my new dear friend adieu. We would meet again in the spring as the first buttercups come up.

© 2020 Laurie S Novak