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His Thought

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God's grace is not limited to a particular being or sects, his grace is available to all in as much as we can believe wholly in Him, Jesus.

Composed Hymn

Author’s (Composer’s) Note: I do not know the conventional musical notes, I would have inscribed it on this to enhance believers’ musical sense and smooth rendition of the song, albeit, I have fashioned the song in tune with one of the worldwide known hymn. If anyone knows the hymns used, such a one can sing this song anywhere in the world.

The tune which this song has been fashioned along or the tune of the hymn that can be used to sing this song is:

“It is not meet for Saints to fear,

Nor for them to despair,

For when they least expect his help,

The savior will appear”

The Hymn

  • Imagination of the Lord’s heart

Is to do good unto

All the beloved one of his

Therefore you should not fear

  • My thought imagination to you

For ever cannot change

It is the thought of joy and peace

Therefore you should not fear

  • I will give you a good end

Lasting season that is sure

Hope of glory that will not fail,

Therefore you should not fear

  • As the sun, the moon and the star

Forever cannot fail

So the ‘magination of my heart to you

Therefore you should not fear

  • Draw thine-self closer to the Lord

He will draw close to thee

Every of his promise to you

Shall all be established.