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Hypnotized by the Sea

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IT HAPPENED ON A SOLITARY BEACH, in the Pacific Ocean. The rocks witnessed what happened, the waves still roar their impotence in the face of what happened that day. Lucinda had come from Algaropa, specifically from Oniax. Her appearance, so different from the tanned people of the tropical country where she had decided to vacation. White as the same snow that falls quickly in those pale countries and so cold.

Her eyes were two celestial spheres, which radiated optimism, and desire to live. At just 25 years old, she thought that she was right about everything, that life was a coin, which she manipulated and imprisoned at her whim. Single and adventurous, she in her country enjoyed the freedom of not having children yet. She had decided not to marry and to enjoy as much as she could a superficial and crazy life, which was a golden gem in her empty head.

As soon she make as she arrived in the Caribbean country, she was received wonderfully (as were the other tourists). The hosts treated them as if they were kings. From the window of the middle-class hotel where she stayed she could see the sea and its effects of blue sighs. She decided to go down to the pool first...

A large swimming pool, which housed a large number of bathers, modeled the tourist aspect of it. It was on that site that she met him. A man at first sight, gentle, smiling and very attractive. She was captivated by his charm, and both fell spellbound at the next destination: the sea.

They had arrived at the most colorful part of the beach, full of small ranches and nearby waves. Reclining on two chairs, they did not stop looking at each other and talking. Then the silence gave way to the latest music and the waves, which fell like a whirlwind of peace. The night began to appear, faint on the wings of sunset, then the moon appeared victorious.

They approached and the black hair of the handsome and manly prototype, approached the face and long brown hair of Lucinda, who, perceiving those muscular arms and her closeness, she trembled just imagining herself in her arms. Imagination that came to life when he unexpectedly took her in her arms, giving her the most passionate kiss of her entire crazy life.

She had no more will than his own, in her arms he took her to the end of the beach, and then in her sports car, she went to a hotel, where they made love, as Lucinda had never experienced it. She simply, she had fallen in love with a total stranger, because she did not know anything about him. The next day she is still in the hotel bed, she asks him her name.

—My name is Leonel Bobony and I am a Fulisian. I learned several languages ​​by my constant travels, in a natural way, talking with people. And your name?
“I'm Lucinda Carpenter, and I was born in Oniax. Like you, I have traveled a lot, and I can speak several languages.
—They say that the oniaxenses are very given to accelerated life, and I have verified that it is true.

"I'm leaving now," she said coldly at last.
-You go? Lucinda answered.
"Sure, I have things to do."
"But are you really going now?" At least answer me if you're married, she said angrily, almost yelling.
"Now what is all this about?" We had a nice time, and that's it. You liked it, I liked it and full stop. We shouldn't see each other anymore, because I could fall in love with you and that's not right, because I'm married —answered Leonel.

Tears couldn't be held back any longer by Lucinda. Torrents of painful rain fell down her cheeks.

-Can not be! I fell in love in vain. I fell in love with you unintentionally.
"Don't cry, you'll soon forget me." Go ahead, find someone else, and you'll forget me,” she said smugly.

A slap echoed across Leonel's face. And he just rubbed himself, saying, angrily:
-Prostitute! “And then he walked away from her, leaving her alone.
Lucinda slept a couple more hours. She was no longer the same, she had fallen into the same trap that she set for her conquests, only to abandon them later. Now she was the abandoned one. which had been thrown by a man, who in a short time was able to steal her heart.

After getting ready and having breakfast, she went to the beach, alone. She looked at the waves as if they were calling her, where her green and blue sea arms were getting longer and longer.
Mesmerized, she thought she heard a male voice in the waves, saying:
—Lucinda, come to the waterbed, rest, don't suffer from lovesickness, I'll comfort you.

She entered the sea, and saw a newt, very handsome. He gave her his hand and swimming both, they went to the depths of the ocean. A city full of corals was waiting for her.

True love had found her, she was happy, at last. She would no longer have a crazy life, her legs were now fins. And her life would totally change when she was the found mermaid.
The next day, she was found on the beach, drowned.

© 2022 Venus Mary

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