He's Water

Updated on May 25, 2017

Clear as the water
But insincere
Something's going by its depth
If you
And I
Look further
Feel deeper
It is not clear as it seems

Intentions. How can you be so sure about his intentions? You want to find the answers yet it keeps on changing, he keeps on changing. You thought you know him, well you don't. Not at all.

Terrible but clean
No you can't just see
It's water
It'll drown you
If you let it
Free your inhibitions away

Trust. How can you trust someone so easily?

It's water
Don't come near
You'll drown to death
It's water...

Don't be fooled by the solemnity of a water. Don't be fooled by a wrong man.

He's water,
He'll be the cause of your death
If you let him
Seduced by its calmness
But its depth
And danger
Can take your breath away
If you let all your inhibitions away


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    • Lisawilliamsj profile image

      Lisa Chronister 10 months ago from Florida

      This is very pretty. I think many of us have been where the speaker of this poem is, wanting to trust, but worried about the consequence of a broken heart. Maybe even putting trust into the wrong person and suffering the consequence of a broken heart. Great job, thanks for sharing!