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Her Solitude

Updated on November 21, 2017

It felt dark enough that not even a flame could light the room. She sat in the middle with her legs folded and eyes closed.

Every breath was slow, for she was to feel the magnitude of each one. Calm. Composed. Focused. It was a difficult task, for her heart beat in excitement at what was to come. The woman had prepared for this moment for all her life.

She had to wait for several minutes before she felt herself drift into control. Patience was a more hidden form to learn, but she was soon able to grasp even that lesson. For the most part.

"Are you ready?" she heard a voice ask from the depths.

A smile that protruded from her lips was beyond containment. Oh well, she could not be perfect. "Yes," she answered, for she knew that it was the only answer she could have at this moment.

The darkness that she had known vanished in the blink of an eye.

Now she stood alone, left to watch the icy field that waited beneath her. Hovering above the ground, she knew that not even her height would be an advantage in the battle to come.

She waited. Now, not even a single breath could escape her. The woman had to close her eyes to recompose herself. To remind herself of the lessons she had learned just moments ago.

When she opened them again to the world around her, there were new additions. Two men who looked like ants to her stood together. One had abnormally large daggers strapped to his sides, and the other had a metal staff with a glowing purple orb at its tip.

She spun in the air, feeling a rush of adrenaline. A long sword made of ice shot out of one hand, and a shield of similar material appeared in the other. She was prepared. "Face me, mortals!" she shouted out.

To her surprise, she didn't have to tell them a second time. They rushed forward, with an almost bored expression on their faces. It was as if a gigantic ice woman didn't faze them at all.

The man with the daggers drew them out, and slashed one across her leg. She could not help but be drawn into attacking him.

A large sword such as hers was sure to bring him to his knees. It was many times larger than him! Or so she thought.

As she sliced at him, he took the full blow. A bar of health that remained above his head took a tiny dip, but before her eyes it was full again.

She glanced to see the one with the staff. Magic energies seemed to be drawing towards this man, used to heal the other.

This aggravated her.

She turned her attention to this person, and with all her focus she gathered a winter storm above his head. Shrapnels of ice shot down from the cloud, clashing to the ground.

She was shocked to find that the man was no longer there, but had moved out of her way. It was as if he knew that her attack was coming!

The young woman gritted her teeth. She felt much pain from their persistent attacks. Her health was almost gone.

Desperate, she turned her attention the the man with daggers. She put all her force in, thrusting her sword down on him. His health dropped to half. It was too late for her though. The woman saw the ground approaching before she even realized that she had lost. She vaporized into nothingness.

The two men collected their rewards and left.

An empty field sat still for a few moments until a woman who looked identical to the last appeared. She had the same excitement in her face.

The new woman closed her eyes to gain the same composure, and when she opened her eyes two men stood before her. Strangers to her.

They looked at each other with a grin. 'Last one for the night,' said one of them who held a metal staff with a purple orb at its tip. The one with the abnormally large daggers nodded.

"Face me, mortals!" the woman called out, and as one they moved forward to attack her.


© 2017 Alexis Chantel


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