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Her Wedding Is Her Funeral

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It’s been her funeral. She was well-groomed, gorgeous. She wore a subtle smile as she gave the last message that she is now living in a peaceful world. It was the moment that I realized how beautiful she was. It’s been a moment that I know she could be the best woman I’ve ever met – she was.

Next week, she could no longer attend our wedding. She didn’t make it, and I remember the promise she made. She said she was going to live with me forever and never leave me. No, she’s not going to. It was all of a sudden, out of nowhere, she just left without even saying goodbye.

She was sitting in the bar before the day we got to know each other, correcting her hair. She was shy, and she looks like a newcomer, with no experience of flirting. She seems innocent, honest, and introverted. I took the courage to approach her, sitting right next to her. She immediately took out her phone as her phone rang, but there was no sound, no vibration.

I greeted her, and she shyly replied with a non-natural smile to me. I smiled, and things started. I asked her where she lived, and I introduced myself. We got to know each other, and we began to understand each other well. Our friendship lasted for years, and eventually, we started to date.

It was so sweet and warm-hearted. I felt like I was the happiest person in the world, and the world was mine. Everything has given me confidence. Most of the time, we traveled and breathed together. She was very comforting, and she gave me total peace. How lovely life was.

She’s accepted my proposal. It was touching my heart. I realized that I was the most emotional man in the world. We planned our wedding and started to let things work out. I promised her a marriage in the next month. And she was delighted to hear that. It sounds too good to be true, but that didn’t happen.

Just one week before the wedding, I realized that I could never hear her voice again that very day. I’m just going to have a chance to talk to her photo on the wall. She will never be going to listen to me, and I’m won’t too. Love the first sight, look in her eyes, and the spark is gone — eternally.

She almost lost her breath. The car went off without turning back. She was gasping for air, trying to call my name, but instead, I could hear her squeak. I hold her hands, patting her head like my dearest baby. She was trying not to shake, and I was trying to make her less scared. Her blood filled my panic, bursting out like tears flowing out of my eyes.

It’s been my first time and my last time. I accepted that she has gone, and I realized that life is still going on. I gave her a final glance, whispering goodbye to her. The coffin is closed and tightly sealed. I need to control myself; I can’t open it any longer. I’ve got to move on – life goes on, she’s gone.


© 2020 Michael

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