Hell’s Embrace

Updated on October 29, 2017
Hell’s Embrace
Hell’s Embrace

Halloween Story

Hell's Embrace (Photo by Michael McKenney, with permission)

My world was different. I didn't have a normal life, because I wasn't a normal person. I was not given over to the regular things of life. It was not mine to have choices. Nor was I to be blest with the excitement of tomorrow's chances, or even the hope of an unknown destiny.

Instead, I was given over to a strange and uncommon gift, and a destiny determined seven generations ago. A destiny that would leave me here lying dead in this forest. A forest a moment earlier carried the curse of God and to anyone entering.

Yet, a death not chosen by me, nor even by the Gatekeeper of the cursed forest, but by God. It was God who brought me to this death. It was God whose purposes must be accomplished.

My death, as much as my life, was a freedom from choice, and ironically, a freedom for life as well. A freedom that has finally granted me my desires, and the freedom from the horrors and sufferings of men trapped in their graves alive. But an end to my gift, and the beginning of an eternal eternity.

So, as I lie here dead, my soul reels back to a better time when I used to play here in the forest. A forest whose lush trees were fed by the river below, and a richness of life in the leaves that was to be savored. A life whose path ran parallel with the serenity of this river. A life whose path came to a fork along the way, a fork that would become my destiny, the destiny God chose for me.

In the end, I realized that life is less, and more, than what we make of it. And the thing is, none of us truly knows what is all about. But I did learn one important lesson, ... and that is, it’s just best to give one’s life over to the keeping of God's economy from the beginning.

And my gift, well, that is the story of my life ...


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