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"Hush Little Baby Don't Say A Word"

"Hush Little Baby Dont Say A Word"

Shrouded in a Life of Secrecy

What's your sexual Orientation

Geared from Infancy

We learned to avoid

Don't ask Don't tell

Where did you get those bruises

Mama whispers

Keep your home and your business to yourself

I fell I walked into a door

Cover up those bruises with makeup

Pile it on

Your once beautiful skin holds battle scars

No one can see the "shiner" if you apply it just so

Just say no

If you tell your Father or your Mother

I'll hurt them too

I know where you live

And your School I'll peruse

Hear and Blind see and deaf

Shrouded in secrecy for all to see

But no one dares see with the eyes of truth

We are all too busy living a lie

"See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"

When that first needle found the vein

You walked the street a two dollar hustler

getting your next fix to hide the shame

No one cares to see so you hide

The bruises and the scars

Don't ask, don't tell

Is it working yet

Hear and blind see and deaf is a Jamaican saying I wrote this prose in 2011, I was on bedrest watching Law and order re-runs. It occurred to me that although some secrets are not necessarily bad. There are others that need to be told and should be reported to ensure the safety and health of our Children, we have to as Adults give them a voice.

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