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Healing Stars. Saturday's Inspiration 39. A Response to Brenda's Prompt 'Stars.', to the Esteemed Writer Brenda Arledge.

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Healing Stars



This week for the word prompt I've chosen is "Stars."

Stars are objects that twinkle and light up our night sky. They are made up of a luminous gas, usually hydrogen & helium.

Maybe we see a shooting star and make a wish.

Or we believe stars are little glimpses of heaven.

We might remember the nursery rhyme, " Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

Or we feel the stars connect us together since we all look up at the same night sky.

Maybe a person we know shines like a star in our life.

Or glancing up at the stars fills our soul with comfort.

It could be a story about the nearest star to the earth, which reminds me of the sitcom, "3rd Rock From The Sun." - Brenda Arledge



Healing Stars

Climbing the ladder of sublimity; soaring

Towards heaven, stars not only heal but

Saves lives. Earthly things may be buried, but

How could I stifle the Light shining in my Heart?

I’m in a whirlpool, trying to run away, even as the

Star of destiny tightens around me. Here in this mist

I seek the Alchemist, finds my Star of stars, unable to say

What I shouldn’t, but rather to bask in a glorious Andromeda.

My Beloved smiles, Her gaze a shooting Star, chasing away

My shadows. Now I lose all zeal for victory or defeat, I

Celebrate the darkness even as Orion appears. My soul’s

At Peace and I pay homage, admiring the moon and stars.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 4th September, 2021



Healing Stars

Mighty fine place that, mi casa! I walk, jog, run … talk with the villagers going by. Sometimes I flew with the kites, sang with the bumble-bees and danced with fire-flies. We often chatted way into the night, telling Anancy folk tales, or played cards near a fire-side, singing ballads of our ancestors … the beauty of life.

I loved walking along those country lanes! Rugged, winding and with undulating beauty, they seemed to hum to me like the bees did, guide my steps as I walked, laughing with the children spinning tops; playing marbles along the way. The leaves and foliage hugged me as I walked, the over-hanging branches still whistling their merry tunes way into the evening, as light zephyrs whispered to the daffodils.

‘Tanti’ Rose, still young at a hundred, loved seeing me, and the feeling was reciprocal. For she told me stories of Kamby Bolongo, the river, how she swam there and caught crayfish beneath the stones with her bare hands.

They never stung her and she was proud, always smiling with a cute but freckled face that showed the gaps in her mouth as she laughed; told me that part over and over again: “They never stung me, you know, ‘dem’ crayfish ‘dem’, they never did.”

There was so much to love about that village! Life was pretty simple … many were farmers and food were plentiful. I loved crab and callaloo, steamed-down breadfruit, dumplings and oxtail soup. A curious and adventurous child, I would play with the birds, rise with the sparrows at dawn and laughed with the rising sun. I dug turtles in the sand or rode down- hill on make-shift carts.

Shooting star


Of course, I fell many times, bruising and hurting my poor limbs and sometimes went crying to mom, who would scold me for not listening. Yet God was good. Yes, God was always merciful for this god-fearing mother of mines and yes, life was simply beautiful!

We all have our pasatiempos, our favourite hobbies, and mines were star-gazing. I loved looking at the perennial heavens, at Andromeda … the various nebulae. I flew to the galaxy and danced with shooting stars, rapped with the lustrous moon and waltzed without feet.

Orion looked so beautiful! We sometimes jumped and spurned together, her light dazzlingly beautiful as I kissed her, my simplicity-Heart melting with delight. I, like a protagonist, an earthly soul, was a star amongst them, as the nebulae glistened with an intensity of powerful beams … a pageantry of amazingly magical colours.

The lapis lazuli of the night sky was my friend, and we often romanced playfully. She, kissing my cheeks, me serenading the moon as the sparkling stars danced, whispering love-songs to my Heart. It was as if I was in a movie, and having fun with the heavens, was my starring role!

My twinkling and dancing friends seemed to know this, and they would never fail to entertain, leaving a starry trail behind, as they shot through Andromeda. Gazing at their illustrious surge, their catapulting motion in the glistening void of heaven, never ceased to amaze me, filling my Heart with supernal Love. They were the charming, alluring and charismatic ones and I, the friendly visitor from planet Earth and we loved to play!

Alas! I’m grown-up now, and faced with new and numerous challenges, I can only dream of what was, and live with hope for tomorrow’s sunrise. Sometimes I still visit though, at rare moments when the mind is serene at nights and I lie in repose. I ride on my memories, to the red thread of eternity, where I play with friends I once knew … feel as free as an uncaged soul-bird, soaring upon a starry night.

Soaring Bird, like the Soul


Healing Stars

© 2021 manatita44

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