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Healing Conversations with Dr. Munib, the Psychiatrist

I have a keen interest in writing articles, essays, short stories, and fiction. And I love to share them here.

Yasmin was working in her office in a tall building on the 10th floor. She had never skipped a day at work except for a leave of absence for mandatory appointments and holidays as well. Yasmin had a good work ethic. She abided by rational principles and strict discipline. She was always punctual to work.

It was time for laying off unwanted employees and raising the salaries of the competent ones. Several non-dutiful and careless employees lost their jobs. But many remained. Among those, a select few got a raise. Those who didn't get a raise protested.

Yasmin was the only female at this time to get a raise, and she was tremendously happy. She knew her efforts paid off but little did she know that a storm would soon be brewing.

Somehow many of her colleagues began to despise her and envied her a lot. They started to gossip behind her back and passed on stinging remarks.

Yasmin felt it in her skin and realized what was going on. First gossip-then stinging remarks-now looming office politics. They didn't let her work in her cubicle and passed on loud, biting comments. Yasmin thought of complaining to the Boss, but when she did, he didn't pay much attention and didn't take it seriously.

By and by, the whole office turned against her. Yasmin knew the atmosphere was threatening her peace of mind, her self-esteem, and self-respect. She decided to walk away from all of it and left the office early one day, never to return.

It was at this point office Boss became aware of what was going on in the workplace and rang Yasmin to complete her ongoing project work. But Yasmin refused and went to the HR department and handed over the resignation letter.

Yasmin decided she would rest at home for a while. Yasmin’s Mom was worried and insisted that she talk to a psychiatrist. Yasmin didn’t yield to it.

Later her Mom arranged for a psychiatrist to see her at home. Together with Mom, the psychiatrist, and Yasmin, they had a chitchat every Friday in the morning.

Pic: The Psychiatrist

Pic: The Psychiatrist

Yasmin began to love these discussions, and they were the focus of hope and aspirations. The psychiatrist emphasized to Yasmin about reciting the Holy Book, "The Quran"- one page per day, delving into its meaning without doing it too much. He gave her a Holy verse to recite separately, which would benefit her greatly. He asked her to pray all five times and say the final prayer each time bowing to Allah, the Almighty.

Yasmin was happy with these tips, and she started carrying them on. After a month, she noticed she was happy with herself and her environment, and she was full of hope and optimism. But she wasn't ready to work yet.

Pic: Yasmin, happy and full of hope

Pic: Yasmin, happy and full of hope

She browsed the internet and found sites to write online eBooks with short stories and also sites to write articles on self-help, humor, women's interests, and technology.

The psychiatrist visited again. This time he instructed her to wear heels in her shoes because with heels girls looked smart in their walks. He further asked her to decorate her face lightly, even if it was only for herself at home.

Yasmin continued with the Holy Book, holy verses, and prayers. And she wrote short stories and articles online. Both the sites encouraged her to write more, and soon, she had a great following, and she was popular on these sites.

Yasmin was allowed to talk with her psychiatrist whenever she liked on weekdays over the phone. She shared a little quote with him she came across online, "People humiliate you. But Allah magnifies you." The psychiatrist was happy to see a change in Yasmin and to bring her beliefs in Higher Power and God. He said, "Yes, keep trusting Him."

During the next visit, the psychiatrist talked about taking shower with warm water as it increases longevity. He told her further to exercise daily walks around the house block. Lastly, he asked her to focus on her day’s journal in her mind at night before sleep, which would help her to sharpen mentally.

Yasmin took notes during these discussions with the psychiatrist so that she wouldn’t miss any of his valuable advice.

During the weekdays, she came across a question about colors. And immediately she rang her psychiatrist and asked him if blue or red would look good on her. He said, “Maroon would look best on you.” Yasmin wasn’t satisfied with the doctor’s answer as she didn’t have a maroon top.

So, when the psychiatrist visited next, Yasmin wore a red top with black trousers. He looked at her and remarked, "You look good." She replied happily, “Thank you, Dr. Munib.”

The doctor slowly began to reveal that it was his last visit to the family as he was going abroad finally. He would be staying in the country for a while before his eventual departure. So, Yasmin still had the freedom to talk to him on the phone until then.

Yasmin was disappointed. Her Mom was even more anxious as she wanted her daughter to join work. The doctor cooled her down and asked her not to worry and not to pressurize Yasmin. She would start talking about it when she was ready. For now, she was doing good.

The final suggestions in this sitting were to drink coffee slowly even if it wasn't too hot, to talk gently always, and to remember above all, sharing and ventilation were important.

Yasmin noted them down as usual. Then casually, Dr. Munib asked Yasmin, “Would you care to work again?” Yasmin quickly replied, “I am doing a great deal of online stuff- writing articles and short stories. I am thinking of blogging and building a website as well. These are the things that interest me now.”

Dr. Munib mulled over what Yasmin just said and then asked her, "Would you like to go abroad to pursue higher studies?"

Yasmin replied quickly, “Yes, that is something I would be interested in.”

Dr. Munib replied slowly, “Ok, carry on what you are doing and loving to do. But also keep in mind about going abroad for higher studies. You can get a job there if you don’t feel like working here.”

Yasmin replied happily, "Yes, that is exactly in my thoughts."

The psychiatrist departed from the family, giving Yasmin ample strength, confidence, and hope for the future.

During the week ahead, she called him up excitedly, waking him up from his afternoon nap. She said, “Dr. Munib, I came across something very interesting. The words 'Yes' and 'No' have inner meanings. 'Yes' means happiness, and 'No' means success."

The Doc replied, “How lovely! I have been learning a few things from you as well. You are extraordinary. Plan your future endeavors and carry them out. But take your time.”

Yasmin replied, "Yes, Dr. Munib, you have helped me to see a new horizon of hope and a brighter future. I will plan out my life and execute it accordingly."

They bade goodbye to each other, and that was the last of their communications.

Yasmin had come a long way since then. She earned a name for herself for the articles, short stories eBooks, and helpful academic guides she wrote. She had an opportunity to go abroad for higher studies and was working towards it. Everything looked good and promising for her.

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