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Headache Highs

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.

Evening Rainbow

Evening Rainbow

Evening Rainbow

Evening Rainbow

Cool air is circulating from the little fan in the living room. I feel light headed as though I’m floating on those air currents. The lights are on and it’s bright enough to read an eye chart that’s too far away. Is that the light at the end of a tunnel? My mind is tense and I’m extremely sensitive to light and sound.

The computer is quietly playing The Rolling Stones in the background from an online radio station, but it sounds like I’m in an arena where the music is so loud it echos through my head like a freight train. I cover my eyes with my hand and then rub them long and deep. The itch and burn is irritating. I can only keep my eyes open long enough to type a couple sentence’s.

It’s early in the evening, about 7:30 and it’s dark out already. The nip of fall is definitely in the air. About an hour ago the sun peeked out whilst it was misting. A large rainbow appeared in the eastern sky for about 10 minutes. The colors spoke to me and left an impression in my mind to contemplate later. I know my conscience is having an affair with another mind from beyond the solar system.

I am prepared for a night of vivid temptations as day fades into the twilight of the witching hour. The spirits on the other side of midnight bring me into one seductive conscience after another.

The chance that I might meet my twin flame is always on the radar. My spirit and energy reaches out across the universe touching and feeling it’s way through infinity.

I know they’re there. There’s more than one flame and it’s not necessarily a twin. It’s energy reaches back through time and finds me. We persuade you to be seduced. Seduced by the energy flame. The orange flame of fall.
Choose your attraction to be seduced. We know you do not need persuading.

Temptation allure’s me. The heat of the flame surrounds me. My body feels the warmth and allure of an enchanting fascination. Seductive magnetism attracts my mindful consciousness. I free fall into the energy’s influence and captivation.
I yield to the seduction and become one with the energy’s essence. We climax over and over again to learn of each other and to recognize each other.

In a past, present, or future dimension, timeline, or lifetime when our energies meet again, we will always be connected. Through our dreams, we will experience each other’s consciousness. We will recognize our ever sentient mindfulness over a lifetime of selective, seductive submissiveness floating freely through eternity.

© 2020 Laurie S Novak

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