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He Was Not a Hunter

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One day in early spring, a man was looking for gold in the water of the river and in the field. Near the thick forest, he heard the roar of a lion. He looked around very carefully. The sound of thunder came again. Determining the direction from which the sound came, he saw a large tiger standing twenty paces away.
The man was not a hunter nor did he intend to kill the beast if it did not attack him, he had spent many years in the jungle and knew that the lion was a bloodthirsty beast, he was trying to get out of this dangerous situation. The lion moved towards him and began to growl in a low voice.
The man saw that the back paw of the tiger was caught in a trap.

The man began to move towards the trapped beast, which seemed frightened at the man's approach, and quickly retreated as far as the chain of the trap would allow.

The man saw that it was a tigress, her udders were full of milk, her body was in good condition, and it was very likely that she had been trapped for only two days.
The man stood there for a long time wondering what to do.
As he moved to turn back, he thought of the hungry lion cubs waiting for their mother. He started thinking that something must be done for the children and their mother.
He started looking for the cubs of the lioness. They found him in a nearby rock cave. They were definitely hungry. Hunger made the cubs forget to be afraid of strange creatures. He brought it to his mother who was caught in a trap.
The children hurried to their mother. The man stood in a safe place and watched the family reunion. After a while, he started moving toward them but an angry roar stopped him there. The mother did not allow him to come near the children.
The man went to a nearby tree and sat leaning against its trunk. What should I do to win the trust of this wild beast? He asked himself.
He sat there for a long time and thought of how to help the trapped beast.
Then he stood up and almost ran to his makeshift wooden room. After a while, he came back with a piece of meat in his hand. He threw the piece of meat to the lioness. Accepted and ate it.
The four cubs, whose hunger was gone, came to the man and started running, jumping, jumping to him. It seemed that they had gained complete trust in the man. For the next few days, the man continued to feed the lioness twice a day. , every time he gave a piece of meat he moved closer to the children and their mother.
On the fifth day, when the tigress was eating a piece of meat, the man came and sat close to her, in fact, he came so close to the tigress that she could have attacked him if she wanted to. He sat there for a long time patting the cubs.
The lioness was standing still and not taking her eyes off her, then very slowly the man moved his hand and placed his hand on her trapped leg and then she moved back a little but tried to attack him. did not
The man got closer and saw the claw that was actually stuck in the noose and was swollen. He knew that if it was freed from the noose, it would heal quickly. He placed his hand on the noose and pressed on it. He jumped open and the tigress was freed from the trap. She walked up to him and smelled his hands. Before going into the forest, the tigress stopped, turned back, and looked at the man, saying goodbye to him.