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Her Collection (Horror Story)

Amritpal singh is a raring author. Better known by his pen name Enzoman. Loves writing short stories & accidental novels. Also he's handsome


It was late in the evening. He broke another thick branch from the tree, and covered the part of the bonnet that was still visible. Taking a few steps back, he evaluated his work. The car was completely covered in the leaves. He breathed heavily, being tired from all this work. A backpack was staring at him, resting against a tree nearby. He picked up the bag, and did a count of the inventory, a jacket, rope, crowbar, knife and a small bag full of diamonds.

He walked a few meters away from the car, and found himself back on the lonely road. The road cut through the heart of the forest until the state border. Events of the previous day ran through his mind. Robbing a bank was not his first choice, he silently admitted to himself. But now that time has passed, now he was a criminal, a cop killer.

After walking for nearly thirty minutes, he saw a car approaching. He raised his hand, asking for a ride. As the car approached him he saw, a white male driving the car, and a female sitting beside him. The car slowed down near him, but it kept on moving and was soon out of his sight. He gave a sigh, as the cold wind hit him in his face. Looking up the sky he realised that it was about to rain.

After about an hour of walking, he felt the drizzle on his head. It was light, cold, and expected, just like his future. Deep down in his heart, he knew the robbery was not that uncommon. But he had killed a cop, and that made him the top target for the entire police force. He saw another set of lights approaching him from behind. As he turned around he saw two sharp lights, not far away from where he was walking. The vehicle slowed and then stopped near him, it was an RV. The driver was a charming girl, with red hair. She looked at him with her blue eyes and smiled. Her smile was innocent and seemed familiar to him.

"Hey there" she said, her voice soft and her eyes puffy. It didn't took him long to realize that the girl has been crying. "Hi, my name is john" he blurted out. "well, get in John before it really starts to rain", she said with a warm smile "My name is Anna". He got in the car and took a look around, it was kept clean except for the smell of alcohol. "Do I really need to kill this sweet girl ?" he asked himself. "Where you headed John ?" she asked, looking at the road in front of them. He placed his backpack between his legs, and took another look at the girl. She was holding the steering wheel with both of her hands, and her petite frame perfectly suited her soft voice. "My car broke down" He replied. "I was about to call my friend, but my mobile shows no signal" He continued, mentioning the fact that he had friends. Its easier for them to trust you when they know you have friends. She looked at her cellphone, it showed full signal. "There's no signal on my cellphone either" she said as she tucked her cellphone in her pocket.

The storm grew stronger, with drops of water making loud noises as they hit the windshield of the vehicle. There was a huge thundering sound with a bright lightning. Before they could make any sense of it, the lightning hit a tree a little further from where the vehicle was moving. As the tree fell and blocked the road ahead Anna lost control of the vehicle, or so it appeared. They got off the road and got stuck between the trees. "I think we have a flat tire" she lied, after punching the accelerator with her little feet a couple of times. "Do you have a spare ?" He asked looking directly at her forehead, which was bruised during the crash. "Yes" she replied pointing towards the location of the spare. He took the spare tire and got out of the vehicle, thinking that this could be his golden chance at getting rid of Anna. As he got out Anna smiled. she knew a man would not allow a pretty girl like her to change a flat tire. Men were all the same, at least to her. She hated them. Liars and cheaters, always trying to play the hero. Getting the girl in the end. She took her taser out and got out of the car as well.

There were a million thoughts and memories playing in John's head. His conscience was telling him not to kill this poor girl. He argued with himself in his head. "You have to kill her Johny, or all that you have been through will be a waste" He said to himself. "You know what they do to a cop killer, you will die in prison unless you get out of the state by the morning" He tried to make sense of what he was about to do. It would make the burden a little lighter, a little easier to bear. Finally he made a decision. He heard the car door open and shut, meaning Anna was out too. He took his knife out waiting behind the curve of the vehicle for the girl to arrive. As she appeared, he tried to stab her but he missed. It was as if the Anna knew what he was about to do. He felt something under his chin and then electricity shot throughout his body.

He woke up tied to a bed, feeling an unbearable headache. "Ah you are awake" Anna said with a grin on her face. Everything about her had changed. There was no innocence, no warm smile. She was different. "Don't try to talk, you bit your tongue off when you fell" she said laughing in an inhuman way. John tried to move his tongue. It was true, he had no tongue. "Don't worry, I need you alive at least for next few hours" she said with a giggle. John looked around, he was in the back of her RV. There were shelves all around the wall. And on the shelves were jars filled with yellow liquid and chunks of something. As he took another look, he was horrified to notice that the jars were filled with human body parts, Hearts, eyes, brains. Anna noticed John Looking at the jars, she smiled. "You will help me with my collection now won't you John ?" she said looking him directly in the eyes while grabbing a scalpel. As the steel cut through the bare skin and into the flesh of John, he screamed. But there was no one there to hear him. Only the old trees of the forest and his precious little diamonds.