Updated on January 19, 2018

Beyond the scent. Havana.

- Your glasses are blurred.- Liz grinned at me.
- It's from the coffee. I like to breathe his scent.
- Really ?
- It reminds me.
- Would you tell me ? - Her sly gaze revealed the unbridled curiosity in her eyes.
- Havana. Twenty two years ago.
- I didin't know you have been there.
- I have been to lots of places around the world Liz, but that one.. - Once again I breathed in the velvety odor coming from my cup. The scent gave life to the memories beyond my blurred glasses.


The rain had left it's wet dropping traces on the slightly closed windows.
The air in the room was damp, mixed with the smell of the sea breeze.
The white sheets, imbued with my and his aroma, were wrinkled like a palm of hand.Thеir endless folds were telling the story about the movements of love between two bodies.
I heard the noise of steps in front of the door. Even though I was still a bit sleepy, I could not mistake the familiar walk, that stopped on the other side of the door.
Turning the keys. The massive wooden door opened,reminding the sound of a wail lady.
In his hands he was holding a circular metal tray with two porcelain cups and a sugar bowl.
- Coffee ? - I asked, rubbing my eyes with my fingers.
He sat next to me on the bed, passing me one of the crystal white porcelain cups in my hand.
- Be careful, it's still very hot. - His eyes, deeper and darker than coffee itself, gently smiled at me for good morning
I took the first sip cautiously.
- Sugar ? - He pointed the small bowl filled with sparkling white sand,he had left on the floor next to the bed.
For a moment I hesitated. The coffee was bitter, but ..
- No thanks. There must be a balance in life.
- Balance?
I looked at the massive wall clock, which was counting every second of our time on earth
- Do you see the arrows? - I nodded to the wall behind him with my head.
- Yes.It's twenty two past nine.- He confirmed.
- At ten,You will be no longer in this room.
The mimics on his face showed how confused he was.
- At five to ten, you will take your suitcase. - I pointed out the prepared luggage that stood by the armchair near the window. - You will open the door of the room and go down the stairs. This will be the last time, I'm hearing your footsteps.
- It's inevitable. - He caressed my face with his warm palm.
- I know. - I smiled. - While you're still here , I want to drink my coffee without sugar.
Тhe bitter makes the sweet, even more sweet. And vice versa.
I looked at my coffee, wondering when it would be the next time I would drink it so bitterly.


- More coffee, Anna? - Liz turned to me, taking the cup out of my hands.
- Yes, please.
- I will have another cup of tea as well. There is nothing better then a hot drink in cold winter day. But let me first take care of you.
Liz carefully poured the brown liquid into my glass. As a real professional.
- Any sugar Anna ?
- Two cubes, please.

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