Hasta la Barista, Baby

Updated on March 25, 2017
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Luke works as a middle school English, ELD, social justice, and mindfulness teacher in the sanctuary city, San Jose, CA.


First Day as a Coffee Barista

Ten thousand tea kettles spew steam simultaneously. Each one screaming to be taken off the burner and I, with only two hands to do so, fumble to meet their demands. In the noisy background, angry customers are furious for foaming cups of morning brew. My coworkers are nowhere in sight and all I can remember is that the customer is always right.


Memorizing Orders

I am trembling with anxiety. As I try to recite the avalanche of orders that continue to pile up, I back into a tray of dishes and send them crashing to floor. They shatter in slow motion. For a moment, everything is silent and all eyes are upon me; each patron doubting my ability to satiate the situation. Before I can respond, they lapse back into a frenzied commotion and continue barking orders at me in intolerable intonations of language that I can’t seem to understand.


Frozen Coffee Server

I see them move toward me like a stampeding menagerie, but I am frozen and have no idea how to counter their attack. Dumbly, I open the cash register and start to distribute inaccurate amounts of change to any hand that reaches for it. My boss storms out from the back office and shouts that I am stealing from the store. He immediately calls the police.


Stealing from the Register

Within seconds, SWAT arrives and they are forming a barricade around the café. The Sergeant grunts rough orders into the microphone, demanding that I come out with my hands up. Otherwise, they’ll open fire.


Getting Fired

In short, exhausted sentences, I try to explain that this is my first day on the job. A barrage of popping ammunition cuts my confession short and I fall to the ground with my hands clutching my gut. Crimson stains spread across my fresh, new apron. I think I’ve been fired.


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      • Luke Holm profile imageAUTHOR


        23 months ago

        Ha, I hope they don't have to go through this much pressure...although, sometimes the first day on the job can feel pretty overwhelming. I think "firing" her at the end was a bit over the top...I suppose everything has a reason, though. Thanks for reading and commenting :)

      • SakinaNasir53 profile image

        Sakina Nasir 

        23 months ago from Kuwait

        Very well written and the pictures are apt too. Love your talent, Luke! :) Never knew there is so much pressure on baristas.

      • Luke Holm profile imageAUTHOR


        23 months ago

        John, I'm glad you read until the end. As I mentioned in the preview, action rises quickly. Getting fired on the first day is one thing...but this is something entirely different :) Thanks for reading, my friend!

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 

        23 months ago from Queensland Australia

        Wow, Luke! I am sure there is a lot of pressure on baristas, especially on their first day. But, my God..this was extreme. I was hanging on each word but that ending sure was a surprise. Well done.


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