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Halloween Is Not Just for Hungry Souls but Also for Hungry Hearts

Halloween entails trick-and-treat, carving and lighting jack-o’-lanterns, wearing spooky costume and hearing its tales in festive gatherings, and eating sweet treats to celebrate the return of the dead where Gate of Hell would grant them eating and drinking once again with the living. This is done to accommodate the souls and ward them off not to disturb the living. Though it is weird to associate the night of the dead with wooing but here’s the big news: 20th century Halloween was all about finding love with its unique tradition.

You’re kidding. Maybe I do kid a lot but not this time. Once upon a time you’ve heard about the concept of finding love in Halloween, it appears in your mind those men who are unlucky enough to meet La Segua in Croatia a siren-like woman who is actually a horse-beast that seduced drunken men and La Seguanaba in El Salvador who is punished by god with a curse for flirting with all men. She looks lovely from far away but hideous up close. And the bloody parts of these encounters are sealed in the mouth of the grave. Well, you’ve got a big misconception.

To the fairest – and handsomest

It was the apple of discord that caused chaos in the feast of gods where Eris, the god of discord threw it in the table with a note to the fairest. The apple was then claimed by three goddesses: Athena of wisdom, Aphrodite of beauty, and Hera of hearth and fertility. They asked for the judgment of Paris in accord to the word of Zeus to prove each of their worth. Naked, they persuaded Paris. Athena offered great wisdom and skills in war; Hera offered power; while Aphrodite offered the most beautiful woman ever lived, Helen. Paris chose Aphrodite; and her offer was his. Hence, the apple is adapted by Greek as a token of love.

Bite it, love it

Throwing apple to a woman is considered a proposal of marriage in Greek tradition. Halloween has its Apple bobbing or Snap Apple game in which participants would bite into an apple which is suspended with a stick or floating in the water using their teeth. The first one to succeed would be granted marriage. It dates back to the traditional Celtic festivals.

Peel the beat of your heart

Women also used to peel the skin of an apple and throw the scrapes over their shoulders. It is believe to change shape to the initial of your future husband.

Singles don’t have rooms in Valentine’s Day because wooing was set on Hallows Eve, a good date to run in your prospect cuties. They take it beauty is in the inside and outward appearance is just a façade. Even in hideous appearance and spooky costume if you enjoy each other’s company for the night- bite the apple; hoorah, you’ll going to have a happy fourth monthsary coming your way this February.

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