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Haiku Diary 04-22-17: English Haiku Is Different From Japanese Haiku

Updated on July 18, 2017
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Jose is the world's lone sonnet grandmaster and contented. But the haiku world needs a Lawgiver. So he heeds the call of duty and destiny.

of haiku into English
produced various types.

The short-long-short type
to approximate haiku
is a valid one.

I lay down the rules
to legitimize poets.
Their works are valid.

I eliminate
the mock points of the scornful.
Poetry is joy.

By making distinct
England’s haiku from Japan’s,
honors are upheld.

Poets in English
can craft haiku merrily
amidst high noses.

Japan’s poetry
can be studied as it is
and preserved intact.

My system of thoughts
makes everybody happy
except the scornful.

The scornful are dumb.
You can observe it yourselves.
Where are their poems?

The scornful and dumb
place language and poetry
inside a coffin.

The poetic art
is similar to language.
It’s a living thing.

The rules of the damned
constitute a prison house
that kills the spirit.

The rules of the wise
constitute a discipline
that gives true freedom.

By distinguishing
England's haiku from Japan's,
we uphold both arts.

Japan's poetry
should be studied as it is.
A separate art.

Japan's poetry
should be learned on its own terms
and in Japanese.

Short-long-short is good.
But my school of haiku art
is 5-7-5.

April 22, 2017 / Olongapo

(The verses presented in this hub have been assigned the code numbers B27-


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