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I met the most beautiful girl today. I was stricken by her the very moment I laid eyes on her. She has blonde hair with natural low lights throughout. Her eyes are deep, bright brown; amazing and oh so big. Everytime I looked into her eyes I would see little flashes of gold flecking the brown. Aphrodite. She bore her soul to me through those eyes and at times it brought me to the verge of tears as I bore mine to her in turn. I was all but overwhelmed, finding myself lost within those prisms she has for eyes as I listened to her speak. I could barely contain myself, I wanted so badly to kiss her. Not just to kiss her though but to be able to see her eyes more closely. To zoom in on the perfection of brown and gold which seemed to hold whole secrets of the universe within their depths. She has the sharpest nose, almost intimidatingly strong but still gentle and cute with it's button-like quality in it's slight upturned nature. Her lips are full but not overly so, full of life and love and laughter. They are like pretty little gateways to the wealth of knowledge she holds within her tongue. Ideas and emotions came from those perfect lips and tongue which served to catalyze my own spirit, and stir in me a need to find a way to hear her speak more and more. She read a poem to me and it was as if angelic choirs from the heavens began to sing into my ears. Softly. Gently. With more love than I could ever imagine. These nymph-like features of hers are framed by by her perfectly round face. Total symmetry exists in the figure of her face, like a painting. It felt ethereal to look upon her. How can any creature be so perfectly fair? I was dying to reach out and touch her cheek. But infrared my heart would stop the moment I felt her skin. The electricity, the shock would be too much for me, I know it. I would be ecstatic knowing the touch of Venus but I would die nonetheless. No longer able to see into her soulful brown eyes. No longer able to Watch her use her right hand to tuck her hair behind her ear and out of her face. And that may be my favorite feature of hers. That loan ear I was privileged to spy. Almost too big for her, it has a quality lending to a certain dorky feel, making her even more adorable than if it was smaller and more petite. That one exposed ear humanized her. It told me stories of her life and reminds me she is just as I am. A sibling in spirit. A lover in eternity. She will no doubt haunt me for the rest of my days. A haunting I will gladly receive readily and often. Her contagious smile, wide, open, carefree and her polite and honest laugh will spur my imagination to Hera, for she is no doubt queenly as I have attempted to describe. Royal blood pumps inside her. For I can tell by her figure. She is voluptuous and soft, yet tender and shy. I could see the fullness of her breasts and the shapeliness of her hips, but her royal countenance shows modesty in her dress. She does not dress to enhance her gorgeous figure but rather to hide it away slyly, forcing an egotistical wandering eye to assume a lack and move on.

But I can see through the shroud to her soft, supple skin hidden away underneath those loose clothes. The skin of a virgin, raw and unfettered but also that of Athena, taught and ready for war or wisdom, whichever may come her way. She is slight of build but y'all and gallant and she walks like a princess, alright on her long, strong legs it is as if she floats and glides and doesn't ever touch the ground. But for all her physical perfection it's is her heart which I fell in love with. Her kindness and deep passionate love radiates through her essence like a beacon of hope. The way she ponders, contorts he mouth and listens to that courageous heart of hers before she speaks evokes a wisdom, a calm far beyond her years. Whenever she caught my eyes while I spoke I was transported to this place of radiant peace within her own being and I was no longer, but was one with her in eternal and heavenly calm. If I can ever find my way to her again I will never leave her side but for today, the Lord calls me elsewhere, to my own duty.