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No matter how strong the roots are, some trees just needs to be uprooted

No matter how strong the roots are, some trees just needs to be uprooted


There was once a hill where a family of poisonous trees were planted. Only those who are immune to the poison can come to the hill and enjoy the fruits of the trees. The family who have planted the trees were the only people immune and they became rich. The trees have always had provided them free food in a world where food is scarce and very hard to come by.

Many villagers have tried to go near the trees but they always had to leave before they die from the effects of the poison.

One day, the villagers finally has had enough and asked the planter of the trees to cut it down so they can use the land to grow more crops that everyone can eat.

"But the trees aren't the source of poison," the family reasoned. "The grass is the source of the poison. See how when you stepped on the grass, you'd feel the effects of the poison?"

The villagers were then convinced that the grass indeed is the problem. They decided to pay the immune family to cut down the grass so they can go near the trees and eat its fruits.

Day after day, the people who has eaten the fruits fell ill and died but they thought that the grasses are the reason and they decided to pay the family once more to burn down the hill to fully get rid of the "poisonous grass."

The family has earned enough money to buy another hill and they planted another family of poisonous trees there where no one can force them to cut it down again. They enjoyed free food while the villagers died from the poisonous fruits.

The villagers died believing the grass was the problem. Their population slowly went from thousands to hundreds; the few hundreds who have gone immune to the trees' poison who still believes that the grass is the source of the poison that took away the lives of their family and friends.

One day, a group of kids started a bonfire on the hill where the 1st family of poisonous trees still reside. The fire got out of control and it burned down the trees. They were hanged by the other villagers because they believed the kids has just burned down their only source of free food.

The 1st hill completely burned down but after a month of rain, the lands were once again fertile and they decided to plant other crops. They are so few now that food isn't very scarce. Their stomachs may be full but their hearts feel empty.

Once again, grasses grew around their crops but they noticed that they aren't feeling the effects of the poison anymore.

"It was never the grass," they all mumbled angrily as they march down the 2nd hill where the original immune family resides. It was like the sound of a thousand bees ready to attack. They didn't let the family gaslight them anymore and they burned down the whole hill and the family inside it.

They learned the hard way that the grass was also a victim of the poisonous trees. And that they had just murdered the kids who should have been sung as heroes. Since then, it was ingrained in them that problems need to be uprooted instead of trying the easy way out.

The sad truth is that most of us live and die thinking the grass was still the problem. When will we ever learn? When will we ever have the courage to face the truth? When will we ever uproot the poisonous trees who have grown strong roots?

© 2020 Genne Arcangel

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