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Granny's Tales: The Stories of Childhood: Rupert's Wisdom

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A Wise Young Gallant, Rupert

I would really like to start as my grandma told me: This tale belongs to the old ages, once there was a king who had a daughter. Her name was Alizay. She was very cute and pretty like a doll. Alizay had long beautiful hair. She was young beautiful, soft spoken and kind hearted by behavior. One day the king and the queen were sitting in the garden of the palace. The queen asked his husband that their daughter was young and beautiful. It was the time to get her married. The king replied that he was also worried about his daughter, but she deserved a handsome and wise man who could love Alizay, and would be caring. As a king he knew that some of his viziers really wanted to have a relationship with king's family; but the king had already judged their sons. They had a wish for the power and kingship. The king and the queen wanted a wise and humble son in law. So, they hit an idea that they would get it announced that the king was suffering from a disease and that could be cured only with the substance found in the young man's lungs. The Donner's family would be rewarded with the piles of gold and that the king and the queen would be pleased to take the family with them as their life long guests.

As I had developed a great interest in the story, meanwhile my grandma coughed, took a sip or two of water and continued: The people of the king's kingdom got curious that who would dare to be sacrificed for the the king. There was a poor young man named Rupert. He was handsome and the only son of their parents. Rupert was a brave gentleman and loved to be a knight. His parents wanted him to do some work and earn some money but Rupert wanted to be a knight. Whenever he got a chance, he took the knife and started practicing the sword fighting.

One day, the king's men were roaming into the streets, when they saw Rupert was doing the sword fighting exercise in his courtyard. They knocked at the door and Rupert came out. They asked him that he was skilled in sword fighting but why he was doing it with a knife? Rupert told them that his parents did not want him to be a knight; instead they wanted him to do some other work like a shopkeeper and sell goods in a market. He told them that he did not like that. They gave their sword to Rupert to show his skills and he did it perfectly. They looked each other as if they had fish trapped the right person to cure the king's disease. They asked Rupert to call his parents so they could talk to them to get you joined the king's army. Rupert became happy and rushed into the house to call his father. He imagined himself wearing knight's dress and fighting in a battlefield.

The king's men told his father about the king's disease, it's cure and then the reward. When Rupert's father heard the news, his heart was filled with avarice. He thought that Rupert can be the source of this reward that the king had offered. So, he decided to talk to his wife. The whole day he thought about the reward and the life they had a chance to lead. He went home earlier that night and discussed with his wife the whole matter. She did not agree at first but her husband convinced her for the life they would spend with grandeur. The lady, later, agreed.

Next day, when Rupert got up, their parents came to him and expressed their thoughts to him. Rupert was surprised that the words were coming from their mouths. He was filled with grief. However, he agreed whatever his parents wished for.

As I was focused to the story, I really loved to question as every child do. I asked my grandma that why they decided to sacrifice their son as he was handsome, wise and also having the knighthood qualities. Grandma told that they were blindfolded with greed.

Grandma continued: His parents informed the king's men that they are ready to sacrifice their son. They were taken to the king's palace. Their mouth watered as they thought that they were going to be soon the honorable guests of this palace. After crossing the long hall ways. They were in the king's bedroom.

Rupert and his parents were taken aback to see the palace and the bedroom ,and the luxury that they never even imagined. As the king was pretending to be ill. He was happy to see the family. He ordered that he would talk to Rupert first. So, he asked that was he willing to do so? He nodded and told that his parents loved him, grew him with care and also provided him whatever he wished for. He continued that he would be ready to sacrifice his life one hundred times for the comfort and ease of his parents. The king asked that he was informed that he was skilled in sword fighting. He told the king that he wished to be a knight but his parents wished to save our king and that he had decided to go with their wish. Then the king called forth his parents and put the same question. They replied that Rupert was an idle. They are fed up by his idleness. They are old and could not work hard to feed him, so he was a burden for them. The king was impressed by Rupert's love and respect for his parents. He was glad that he had got the right person for her daughter, however he ordered to sacrifice Rupert to get the substance for the disease. When Rupert was being taken to be sacrificed. He stopped at one point look upward and smiled. He repeated it thrice. The king got eager to know why he was looking upwards and smiling. The king ordered to bring Rupert to him. He questioned that why he was smiling looking upwards. They thought that he will be filled with fear but Rupert was not even shivering. He replied that he was horrified as long as he was taking steps towards his death but he had buried the fear somewhere inside his heart. Rupert started crying and continued that when the king ordered his sacrifice, the only people in this crowd who could protest against that, were my parents but ultimately they were willing and happy as they were overwhelmed by the power of the wealth. And now God's mercy is his last hope that was why he was looking up and smiling.

The king also got emotional by his words. He revealed the truth that how he planned to find a brave and humble person so he could marry his daughter Alizay. The king said that he had won his heart. The king announced Rupert and Alizay' s marriage. Rupert expressed his wish to be a knight and the king fulfilled it. He was happy but his parents got ashamed. Rupert hugged them and forgave their parents and requested to the king to allow his parents to live with them.

The grandma finished the tale and promised to tell another by the next day.

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