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Goodbye to Winter


The chilling winds heard throughout the night,

The burrowing creatures, all hidden from sight.

White carpets of snow spread so wide and far,

Iced walkways lining streets, covering each car.

The white owl sits pensively, woodlands to guard,

While snowflakes coat brown fences by the yard.

Black crows all call, announcing season's change,

Sunbeams dance on rooftops, reflections strange.


Melting snows, dripping ice cycles, signs of change in the air,

Flocks of wild birds, ducks and geese, search for waters, fair.

Gentle tan deer peer from dark covers, their senses so keen,

Spotted white dots evaporate, soon erasing the ground clean.


Goodnight old Man Winter, take your coat and your hat,

We'll all see you once again next year, now please scat!

We've endured your worst cold, having bundled together,

Now all are looking forward to the spring, warmer weather.

© 2017 whonunuwho

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