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Golden Sands

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Spare me a golden sand, spare me your mercy , for I am dead but still breathing ..

Thorns embracing my body, piercing deeper and deeper, tearing it apart . And apart from the pain I feel, is the joy I see as the roses bloom as red as the blood dripping from my heart.

I am still standing in the battlefield, the wounds still bleed but I dont mind. How pity am I to say I'm fine, and pity enough to serve a king who dont care , but I care, and getting away is a thing that I don't dare, to do, even I lost in this battle but not to you . I dont know why, I am prisoned in this cruel religion , without no reason I was crying for help in the graveyard of corpses that never seem to die, watching while the birds feed the bodies with golden grains of mercy and fly .

At last I run , and fly so far in the land of million sand , and pretend to be an owl in order to survive the scorching sun. I was so thirsty but a single drop of water is not so easy, to find in the oasis so I cried and drink the tears in my eyes . Little more I'll be insane , I want to laugh but I can't cause I'm afraid that they might hear , and ask me to leave here. And I can't cause the seasons are not enough.

But the season will come , that I have to return, cause the food I reserved is enough , to feed the flock for a year and a half. And that's what I thought, but it was not . More flocks have gathered asking for unleavened bread for supper. So I asked , "why didn't you go to the land of the million sand? To get flour and oil for your own bread?" And they answered, "it doesn't rain in that land, and we don't want sleepless nights." So I spare some oil and flour so they can cook for the night. I was right. It wasn't enough. So they point a blade in my neck. And took everything I got from the faraway land, and ask me to leave if I don't wanna die , But i already was a corpse in the graveyard that I tend , ten years ago when you left me ... yes you ...

© 2021 Byeol

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