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Golden Rays of Warmth

I have dappled my ✋ in mixed art media and creative journalism

Sunrise My Sunshine


Your beautiful Golden Rays

I look forward to your warm feel in the early morning, not yet so warm until your at your highest peak. You make my cheeks feel rose red when you caress them with your long arm and strong hand. I look forward to this feeling every day.

You put a shine on my skin and warmth to my bones. It's hard to look directly at you, your colored sparkle blinds my eyes. You spread your joy every where to be seen. No one is unhappy when you are there. You make the best of everyone day.

I see you follow me know matter where I go. You continue to spread your golden Ray's and no one is left astray, you make sure you are there for everyone. I see that is why you have so much energy.

You are so strong and mighty, there is nothing no one can do for you and yet every day you give your blessings of love. I just want to take this time that I have with you and thank you for being so warm , sunny and bright.

I know at times you can't reach me because a thick fog cover your face and in those days you can't be seen but a piece of you still shines above them waiting for your chance of tomorrow to dry up the morning water dew.

That time you will shine your golden rays to show everyone that the rain has there importance too. I miss you in those low moment times. I know you are not far behind . I see your glorious color on the cloud. You still leave your marvulous love of a promised rainbow.

In the winter , your time is short but every once in a while you would give a glowing space. The warmth is not as strong due to the winter breeze and I get my warmth from threads stitched together.

You stick to your routine and I meet you at the same place at the same time. You always place a smile on my face. You are the reason I wake up and get out of bed. You are also the reason I settle back in my home because there isn't enough light for me to roam.

I lay in bed waiting for the next day to begin again, knowing that whatever happens you stick to your routine. I lay with excitement and have pleasant dreams and I still feel your love from yesterday and needing more of it for tomorrow.

Your forever loving fan, You are my Sunshine

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