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Soul on Fire

Alexandra Lang is a 25 year old performer currently traveling the world, writing about her time around the universe.


Soul on Fire

As if the billions of cells in my body started shaking at the same time.

As if my eyelids forgot how to open.

As if sound couldn't figure out how to make it into my ear, but yet I was still able to hear the drumbeat of your favorite song.

As if my fingers clutched for some form of familiarity, but only found the humidity in the air.

As if my mind blankly wrapped itself around senseless memories that bonded you to me, or me to you.

As if my mouth couldn't form the words that I wanted to say to you before you turned in to wind. Or stone. Or water. Or clay. Or wood.

But you.

The one who always dressed in white, but dreamed in gold.

The one who always spoke when you knew you didn't think about how the words would sound coming into the atmosphere between us.

The one who's handwriting could compare to the flowing of a stream.

The ones who's feet always led you right to where you needed to be at the right time.

But not this time.