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Gaining Knowledge Through the Power of Reading and Why It Matters

April Savage is an Author; an advocate of Literacy, Dyslexia awareness and Entrepreneurship

This is why Reading Matters

We have become a society so inundated with technology and I Phone's that posts of humans reading an open book on subways are becoming eclectic. Antique. Old fashioned.

Books have been a staple of knowledge for centuries, the pages of stories and emotions torn through the hearts of the writers who penned these works. Readers bleed and die with the writers on each page that tears our hearts out, our minds playing the chapters like movie scenes before our eyes.

"Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours." -John Locke

Reading has become a form of release to the human soul, emotionally challenging us to our inner core of humanity. Reading teaches us patience. It teaches us empathy, walking a mile in the shoes of the characters in our heads.

Books have a way of dominating our heartstrings, making us think, broadening our horizons without going on trips, and giving us knowledge about life, others and the world we live in.


"The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it."

— James Bryce

The Story of the Golden Nuggets

A petite, bony child marches on a long, dirt road

Her black head is shaven, her brown eyes full of life, her dress a second-hand rag. She travels under the stars, the shimmering hopes dotting the black skies above her in torrents of sparkles. A breeze pelts through a mangled wood, shadows dance under the moonlight.

A sliver of light beams through the trees, a golden hue of enticement beckons her closer. She stands, silent and careful in the darkness. Watching with fervent patience, her legs flexing to run, her heart beats into her temples. She comes closer.

The light beckons. It whispers into the darkness, into her soul, the humanity of the very core of life.

As she draws near, she sees what looks like gold nuggets through the trees, strewn on the path. Giddy with anticipation, she picks up the pieces. "I can buy a new dress! I can buy a bicycle. I can move my family from the village closer to town for work."

The list grows of endless possibilities she perceives to be miracles.

The child doesn't have pockets. She picks up only what she can carry. Her dress is full of holes. "I need a dress. I would like sandals too."

As she leaves the cover of the mangrove forest back under the starlit night, the nuggets become very heavy and some drop at her feet. When she looks down, the nuggets have transformed into books.

She picks up all she can carry in her arms, racing back to her village.

As time goes on, she returns to the mangrove forest in the cover of darkness, taking more nuggets.

She learns to read. She shares her books with her whole village.

She invests in knowledge. She reads anything and everything she can get her hands on so much her hut is flowing in books.

Through reading, she learns to sew clothing. Her village learns to dig a proper well, and irrigate their crops. The knowledge they gain from reading helps the people to thrive, working smarter, honing their talents to make their lives a bit easier.

She grasps the power of reading and gaining more knowledge, never forgetting where she came from but overcoming it through the power of books.


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

— Benjamin Franklin

Books are Powerful

My dad was a wood crafter. He built my mom a bookcase they still have today, more than thirty years later. On that bookcase during my childhood I had many favorites. One in particular was a bird book.

It was hardbound with color pictures, every bird in the nation was described. It was easy to read, with picture charts, descriptions and habitat information.

I became enamored with these amazing winged creatures with the beautiful stamina and bright eyes. When I memorized the bird facts, I would pick out another book. The bird book drew me into desiring more nature books.

My parents taught my family that books matter. That reading calms the mind. It teaches us things on our own terms we would not learn otherwise.

When I had kids, some of the first books I bought them was hardbound picture books that I knew would be easy for them to learn to read, to be drawn into the writers world.

And chances are, you have a book you remember from your childhood, or even now that brings you fond memories.

Books are powerful. They leave lasting impressions we carry with us the rest of our lives, passing from one generation to the next.


"Beauty can't amuse you, but brain-work, reading, writing, thinking can."

— Helen Gurley Brown

Everything We Do in Life Starts with Books

A ton of reading and studying goes into anything worth doing in life.

You want to run a business? Read and study about the laws, procedures, tactics used to be successful. You read about your target markets. You study your customer base. You make a business plan. You may even need to consult with a business attorney.

Doctors didn't get where they are today by not reading. They poured their hearts and minds into those books and manuals until they were singing anatomy in their sleep.

Authors are successful when they read and write a lot. You can't write a book if you first don't know how to read one. You sure can't market your work if you haven't studied the right way to promote it, hiring editors and graphic designers for a top notch product for readers.

Reading is the corner stone of knowledge.

Every single thing we do or want to do in life is in books. Books are knowledge. Knowledge breeds a powerful mind.

Some of the wisest entrepreneurs in the world never got a college degree, but you wouldn't know that because they read so much they came across as literate, educated and highly profound influencers of their time.

A great example is Sir Richard Branson: “If you don’t succeed at first, there’s no need for the F word (Failure). Pick yourself up and try, try again.” Richard Branson


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April Savage (author) from Florida on September 20, 2018:

I am so thankful you like my hub! Still today, books are a big deal in my household. Now I need to go buy more bookshelves ha ha

Susan Hazelton from Sunny Florida on September 20, 2018:

You have written an absolutely fascinating hub. I have had the love of reading all my life. I instilled it in my girls who are now instilling it in their children. When I was teaching I tried to instill it in every student I came in contact with. Many of them learned to read and I am hoping they still read. There is a wealth of knowledge that can be obtained from a book.