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Guru Dakshina

Motivational story

Once a disciple politely asked his Guru - 'Guru Ji, some people say that life is a struggle, some others say that life is a game and some call life a celebration. Who is right among them? 'Guru Ji immediately very patiently replied -' Son, life is a struggle for those who have not found the Guru; The life of those who have found the Guru is a game and those who start following the path as instructed by the Guru, only they can muster up the courage to name life as a celebration. ' Neither was. Guruji realized this. They started saying - 'Lo, I will tell you a story in this context. If you listen carefully, you will be able to answer your own question.

The story he narrated was as follows - Once upon a time, three disciples in a gurukul, upon completing their studies, begged their Guru Ji to tell them what they needed from him at Gurudakshina. Guru ji first smiled dimly and then started saying affectionately - 'I want a bag full of dry leaves in Gurudakshina, can you bring it? 'Those three minds were very happy because they thought that they would be able to fulfill their Guru's wish very easily. Dry leaves are scattered everywhere in the forest. He enthusiastically said in one voice - 'Ji Guru, as you commanded'

Now all three disciples walked - had reached a nearby forest. But seeing that there were only a handful of dry leaves there, his surprise did not remain. They wondered who would have picked up the dry leaves from the forest? Only then did he see any farmer coming from far away. They reached him, pleading politely with him to give them only one bag of dry leaves. Now that farmer apologized to him, telling him that he could not help them because he had already used dry leaves as fuel. Now, all three of them started moving towards a nearby village in the hope that there might be some help in that village could do. On reaching there, when he saw a businessman, he prayed with great expectation to give him a bag of dry leaves, but once again he was disappointed because that merchant had, already, dried leaves to earn some money. Both of them were made and sold, but the merchant showed generosity and told them the address of an old mother who used to collect dry leaves. But fate did not support them here either because that old mother used to make many types of medicines by separating those leaves. Frustrated, all three of them returned empty handed to Gurukul. On seeing them, Guru ji affectionately asked, 'sons, bring Gurudakshina? 'All three bowed their heads. When asked by Guruji again, one of the disciples started saying - 'Gurudev, we could not fulfill your wish. We thought that dry leaves would be scattered everywhere in the forest, but it is very surprising that how people use them too. Guru ji then smilingly said like before - 'Why are you disappointed? Be happy and know that even dry leaves do not go in vain, but they also have many uses; Give me as Gurudakshina. After paying obeisance to Guru Ji, the three disciples went happily towards their respective homes.

The disciple who was listening intently listening to Guruji's story suddenly said with great enthusiasm - 'Guruji, I am now well aware of what you want to say. Your point is in fact on the same side, not that even when the dry leaves available everywhere are not fruitless or useless, then how can we despise any object or person as small and insignificant? From ant to elephant and from needle to sword - all have their own importance. 'Guru ji also immediately said -' Yes, son, I also mean to say that whenever we meet someone, we will do our best to give him the due recognition so that the affection, goodwill, sympathy and tolerance among each other is expanded. And our life becomes a celebration rather than a struggle could. Secondly, if life is to be considered as a sport, it would be better if we take part in uninterrupted, healthy and calm competition and try tirelessly to take our performance and construction to the peak of height. Now the disciple was fully satisfied.

Ultimately, I want to say that even if we evaluate this story on all three levels - mind, speech and action, this story will still live up. A person with a mind free from prejudice to all never dares to hurt anyone with his words, and this same energy overcomes all obstacles in the path of his effort.

In fact, the biggest 'celebration' of our life is effort - it is the opinion of scholars.


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