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Full of Regret - A Short Story

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I'm a young author making a break in the world of writing. I have experience writing short stories, books, poetry, and reviews.

Full of Regret

“You won’t get away with this. You’ve hurt too many people,” the hero held a hand to her side where blood was already seeping through the fabric of her shirt reaching past her fingers. Her face twisted in pain and her bared teeth were stained red.

The wind whipped at the villain’s hair. With a knife in her grip, the villain smiled at her dearest enemy. She had waited so long to take the hero down. With so many failed attempts, there was a moment of doubt in her mind. Now, however, that doubt disappeared.

The villain took a few steps toward the hero, who was now on her knees as more blood poured out of the wounds she sustained. In her other hand, the hero grasped a dagger so tight her knuckles turned white. Along her waist was a toolbelt filled with other weapons, all of which she tried and failed to use on the villain. No matter what she threw out, poisoned smoke bombs to throwing knives, the villain managed to stay mostly unharmed.

“You see,” the villain, while still maintaining plenty of distance, crouched down to the hero’s level. “You’ve been saying that for years. Yet time and time again I’ve gotten to continue on with my plan. Sure, my plan involves hurting people both innocent and guilty, but it’s so much more efficient than what you guys got going on.”

“Why don’t you care about those innocent lives if you’re so wise in knowing who is and isn’t guilty? Why wouldn’t you want to keep them out of the way?” The hero pushed herself up and forward into a staggering run. Her dagger slashed through the air, missing the villain by just a few inches. She ended up falling back down after losing her balance to the motion of the attack, the dagger skidded across the concrete of the building top as her knees turned red and black.

“I don’t care because my plan is bigger than that. Next step on that plan: ending you,” now the villain really began to fight. She threw herself on top of the hero, pinning her arms to the ground away from her belt.

The hero’s face shone from sweat as she screamed in both pain and determination. She struggled and tore at the villain’s grip, but the wounds she had rendered her so much weaker.

In a swift motion, the villain contorted herself and with using the ground as leverage, pushed herself up and back down with a knee pressing into the hero’s ribs. The sound of bones snapping stopped the hero from screaming.

“You don’t really want to do this…” The hero could barely speak, the pain in her lungs burned like fire. Her heartbeat became erratic and spots appeared in her vision.

Another repositioning later, the villain had her knife to the hero’s throat. “Here’s the thing. I really do.”

The blade was the hero’s downfall. Blood poured from her throat and the light quickly faded from her eyes.

A sigh fell from the villain’s lips and she stood up, tossing the knife off of the building and into the lake below. If she concentrated, the splash of water almost looked like blood.

A smile grew over the villain’s blood-splattered face. It was finally over, her main enemy was gone. No one would try to stop her now. She was free to continue her plan in any way she pleased.

On her way back home, an emptiness set in. Her main fight was gone. Everything would be so easy now, a little too easy.

Maybe she was right all this time.

No! I’ve been working on this for way too long. I can’t stop now.

What’s it going to be like without anyone to fight against?

Will this all be worth it?

The doubts continued to explode in her mind like fireworks. Nothing felt right anymore. It couldn’t have been the guilt of killing, she has done that already many times. She couldn’t figure out why she was feeling this terrible guilt and possibly… regret.

The rest of that night was quiet. In her home, all the villain did was sit there on her torn-up couch and play the last fight over and over in her mind. She didn’t know where to go now.

© 2021 EL Doll

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