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Sorcery From the Void

Maya Ellenson authors essays and art columns, but she also likes to write unorthodox and prose poetry.

Behind the Cusp

South Florida

South Florida

Shunyata-- Voidness

Today the gusty wind was ripping everything apart. The energy was shifting into multi-dimensionality, infusing the beach with little madness.

The ocean was intoning its underwater epics in terms of music. The ocean has its own pitch for every mood it unfolds and every fluid story it foretells, but unlike the human beings, it does not need the audience. We do. And, yet, simply blending with the environment as one of its ever-chaning hues feels so much better. Lighter. Immersing in being nothing translates into the totality no one can ever define, for it has no attributes.

And who are we without the attributes?

From the voidness, or what it Buddhism is called Shunyata, emerges our manifesting power because in the void we blend with the creative blueprints before they sculpt any possible reality. In the multiverse we exist, worlds are just like the ocean waves: they rise and fall. Clouds shapeshift into infinite forms without attaching themselves to any particular image.

And the One who manifests it all keeps smiling, hidden in-between, never on the cusp, savoring creative power for its own sake--- not to impress anyone, but out of the sheer beauty of suchness.

That’s where magic dwells.

Becoming emptier than ever turns me into a sorcerer.

Releasing All to the Ocean Waves

Worlds Rising And Falling

Hobe Sound Beach, Florida

Hobe Sound Beach, Florida

In the Multiverse

South Florida,  Florida

South Florida, Florida

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