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Friends, Lovers or Duty - Conclusion

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Couple by Lake



Julie Brennan turned 25 shortly after her divorce was final. She was still having nightmares, and she jumped at the slightest sound. Her husband had called her a couple of times, and she hung up when she heard his voice. He had not violated the restraining order the judge had granted her for one more year.

She was seeing a psychiatrist every other week who said she was suffering from battered woman’s syndrome. The psychiatrist had assured Julie that no matter what she had said or done, no one deserved to be abused.

The more Julie saw the psychiatrist, the more details she remembered of the abusive days. The psychiatrists was a female, about 45 year old, with a gentle face and dark brown eyes. She helped Julie learn to relax, meditate, talk about her childhood, her abuser husband and what Julie wanted to achieve in the future.

Julie had not called Dan Stevens, the policeman that helped her, since their dinner three months earlier, and he had not reached out to her. Dan knew Julie need some time to sort out her past, and he wanted to heed his partner Sam’s advice to give Julie time to get help following the divorce from her abusive husband.

Dan was 28, and he had been engaged for a year in his early 20’s, but his fiance broke it off saying she did not want to marry a policeman. “The work was just too dangerous,” she said. Dan was a bit gunshigh, however, he had been very attracted to the beautiful, petite Julie Brennan.

You Had Me From Hello

Friendship and More

When Julie came home from work as a paralegal one night the phone rang, and it was Dan. “Hi Julie. Do you remember me? It’s Dan.”

“Of course, I do.” Julie replied.

“I was thinking of today and wondering how you were doing.”

“I am doing pretty well. I have sold the house, and I am moving to a new condo in another week.”

“That sounds great,” Dan said.

“It will be a little easier to keep up, as there is not yard work, etc.”

“Sure, but how are you doing?”

Julie sighed, “Well, I have been getting some professional help, and I attend a support group with other women who have had similar experiences. And, here I thought I was the only one. Haha,” Julie laughed.

“That sounds really good. I am so glad you are feeling better.”

“I am for sure,” Julie replied. “I know it will take more time, but I am making progress.”

“How would you like to go out for breakfast Saturday morning?” Dan asked.

“I have to continue getting ready to move, but I think a breakfast would be a nice change of pace.”

“Okay, I could pick you up at 8:30 AM. Is that too early?” Dan asked.

“No, that would fine.”

“Okay, I will see you then.”

Dan got off the phone pleased that Julie was doing better, and he certainly looked forward to Saturday.

Dan rang the doorbell Saturday morning, and Julie answered with a smile. She was wearing blue jean capris, with a blue shirt that matched her eyes. If she had makeup on, Dan couldn’t tell. He noticed as he looked at her, that she didn’t look as stressed anymore, but she was just as beautiful as he remembered. Of course, he smiled back.

“Is Cracker Barrel good with you?” Dan asked.

“Definitely. How are you by the way? I do not think I thought to ask when we talked.”

“I’m good. I have been working some overtime lately, but mostly on days. So, I haven’t had much free time.”

“I guess that is typical of the demands of your job,” replied Julie.

“Sometimes, it sure is, but I like what I do. I feel like I make a difference in our community.’

Julie said, “I am sure you do, unlike me as a paralegal.”

“Don’t sell yourself short. A paralegal is an important job too.”

“I suppose, and it is a decent living.”

They sat down at the restaurant and ordered coffee and breakfast food.

Julie asked, “What prompted you to want to be a policeman?”

“My father was actually a conman and ended up in jail. My mother worked very hard to support us. I just decided I wanted to be a good guy and help people.”

“That sounds like the right reasons to me,” Julie stated.

“What about you? Why did you become a paralegal?”

Julie replied, “I am interested in the law, but not enough to go to law school.”

Their morning continued with them talking about anything and everything as two hours quickly passed by. Julie finally said she needed to get home and pack. Dan asked Julie if she need help moving, but she said she had it handled.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Friendship Growing

Dan knew Julie needed more time to heal emotionally, but he did want to see her again. He decided he would take things slowly.

Over the next several weeks they had several long phone conversations, ate lunch together a couple of times and went to the movies twice. Julie continued her therapy. Her nightmares stopped, and she was happier than she had been in a long time.

Several weeks later Dan picked Julie up, and they went out to dinner. They enjoyed their meal, and they took a walk along Lake Michigan. When Dan finally walked Julie to her door, she paused, then Dan pulled her close and finally kissed her. He left with a big smile knowing that they just may end up with something very special between them.

© 2019 Pamela Oglesby

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