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Friday Is For Horse Lovers

Ellison is a professional horse trainer and riding instructor. She runs a summer camp program and offers kids a safe introduction to horses.



What does Friday stand for if you are horse crazy? If you don't like the term horse crazy we can say what does Friday stand for if you are an equine enthusiast. Well, either way, it's the same thing! So here ya go!


"F" is for finally! Finally, the work and school week are over!

"F" is for finally. Finally, you have all the time you want to go to the barn.

"F" is for first thing in the morning. That is when you get up to go to horse shows.


"R" is for riding!!!! What you have been thinking about doing all week!

"R" is for remembering to pick up those things you need from the tack shop.

"R" is for ready for the weekend!



"I" is for impossible to catch. Which your horse might be after not seeing you all week!

"I" is for icepack, you know, the one you will put on your foot if you get stepped on.

"I" is for indoor. Not even rain is stopping you this weekend when you can ride in the indoor.


"D" is for dressage saddle. Better get that baby cleaned up and ready for the weekend.

"D" is for the Dunkin Donuts coffee that you are going to stop and get your trainer on the way to your lesson.

"D" is for dollars. Between the lesson and the tack shop and feed store, you will be parting with a lot of dollars this weekend!



"A" is for apples. I keep reminding you about this in the interest of making your horse happy. Don't forget the apples.

"A" is for all day and all weekend which is how much time you plan on spending with your horse this weekend.

"A" is for awesome trail riding plans you have with your friends.


"Y" is for "Yippeee" the week is finally over and off to the barn you go.

"Y" is for "Yeehaw" something else an excited horse person might say on a Friday.

"Y" is for you can't get enough time with horses!

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