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Four Pieces of Candies

Once up on a time, there was a great teacher of an elementary school in China. One day this teacher saw a little boy wanted to throw a piece of broken brick at another littlle boy on the campus while school was in recess, he walked to the boy who was holding a piece of brick and trying to throw it at another one and stopped him and told him: "Please go to my office, I will talk to you there". Then the teacher stayed outside little while to talk to the little boy who was the target of the brick in the other boy's hand and other children. Good thing was that this little boy was not hurt yet.

When the teacher returned to his office, the little boy was there to wait for him. The teacher got a piece of candy and gave it to the boy, said nicely to the boy:"Here is your reward because you got here earlier than I." Then the teacher got another piece candy and said:"This is also for you because when I stop you from throwing the brick to others, you stopped immediately, that indicated that you respect me". Now the little boy looked so confused that he hesitantly accepted the second piece candy. The teacher continued:"According to my understanding, you wanted to hit another boy because he hurt some girls, that means you wanted to do justice for those girls, so I reward you for that with the third piece candy." Once the teacher finished, the boy was moved to cry and said:"Yes Sir, I was wrong even if that boy didn't do right thing, I shouldn't have tried to hit him with broken brick." Then the teacher got another piece of candy and said: "You admitted you were wrong, I will reward you with this piece candy. I don't have any more candy and we don't need to continue our talking".

Although this story is not long, it can give us, as parents or teachers, some valuable examples as to how we should deal with our lovely young children when they didn't do things right.