Four Little Love Poems

Updated on August 25, 2017
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Tyler is a young writer with a passion for fiction, poetry, and essays. His interests include meditation and comparative mythology.

Four Little Love Poems


I woke to the peach

and cherry trees in blossom.

The perfumed air sank

beneath the boughs.

I smiled at the onset

of sauntering spring

as the limbs lined the framed sky.

A squirrel scurried down the trunk.

A sparrow soared overhead.

This life is not mine.


The slight breeze lifted your hair

and skirt, teasing the depth of your thighs.

You ran ahead, the dirt path

marking your footsteps.

I dawdled behind sweeping ants

off the trail. Searching bushes

for edible stock. You came back

down the trail

and taking your hand in mine

you leaned into my ear, and whispered

and whispered.


The olive branch in my dream

has become the line running down your jaw

to your chin. Dark hair splaying over

white pillows. The door to the patio is open

and, with the help of the line of your elbow,

frames the city in lights below.

The rhythm of your snoring

rocks me into trance

and I dream of life and love

and children. Flipping to my other side

I stare at the wall.


We stood in a field of grass

splashes of wildflowers,

ochre and sunshine. Dewy mists

wafted in the early morning air

and lay glistening like diamonds

on the blades. Your face was blank

and I knew we saw the same thing

the outline of the man who controlled

the power switch casting distilled

light dulling the wildflowers.

A dream we can share


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