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Forbidden Love - A Short Story

Shauna's preferred genre is fiction. She particularly enjoys rising to a challenge posed by fellow artists.

Cheyenne is banished to the Mighty Oak

Cheyenne is banished to the Mighty Oak

This is another challenge posed to me by my brother to write a story for one of his sketches. He calls the sketch "Cheyenne", drawn after I posted my true short story called "Cheyenne", which I've previously posted here on Hubpages. This, however, is purely fictional. I hope you enjoy!

Forbidden Love

Far off into the distance, she could see it: the village from which she had been banished. From this vantage point, at the top of a hill, the village seemed light years away; the memories created there, visibly playing through her mind.

Behind the village rose lush mountains; their purple peaks reaching into the clouds. But, in the valley below was evidence of her rebellious ways and the consequences bestowed upon the land. The fields were no longer green, but yellow, as if the very life had been drained from each blade of grass, from each delicate flower. She looked on from her permanent post atop the hill, as tears ran down her frozen cheeks.

How did all this come to be? Why couldn’t the elders understand? She felt she’d committed no wrong in giving her love to Nathan. After all, he too, was a warrior. Why does the tribe forbid loving a White Man??

….. she had been trailing through the mountains, somewhat distracted from the task of gathering berries and roots, when she paused to conjoin with Nature. She felt she was being watched, but not by the spirits whose job it was to protect her. At first she didn’t see him. Something moved, causing a rustle in the dense foliage. It could have been anything, really, in these mountains untouched by Man.

As she reeled in her thoughts, once again concentrating on the task at hand, she continued on her way. Suddenly, the air was filled with a soft thumping sound, as her heart began to beat a rhythm yet unknown to her. Then she saw him. Tall, fair-skinned, blue eyes, dressed in buckskin. As their eyes met, without a spoken word, the thumping and pounding escalated into a cacophony of splendor whisking through the tree tops, drawing the two closer together on Earth, bound by an unseen force. Although she had been warned about White Man, she was not afraid. They were drawn together by a peaceful, deliciously intoxicating force. Now, face to face, they silently joined fingers as she felt their spirits come forth to caress the other. This was a spirit travel she’d not yet experienced – and oh, the sensation!

Daily, they met silently in the secret caress of the mountains, where their spirits came together in celebration of Life and Love. She knew it was forbidden by the tribe, but the force she and Nathan shared was impossible to ignore.

After months of these secret meetings, Cheyenne no longer wanted to hide her joy from the tribe. Hand in hand, they ventured down the mountainside to her village. They found strength in each other in order to face what Cheyenne knew would be a difficult journey in reaching for acceptance from the elders.

Upon approaching the village, all elders assembled to block their entry into their tribal nation. Cheyenne knew confrontation was inevitable, but she called on her love and conviction to guide her as she attempted to stand up to the tribe.

One look in the eyes of the forbidden lovers, the elders saw she was lost to this White Man. This could not be! The lovers would not acquiesce, therefore consequences must and would be paid!

Nathan was sent back into the mountains, the only option if his life was to be spared.

As for Cheyenne, she was banished to the hillside, frozen inside the Mighty Oak, where all she could do was watch, mourn, yearn and spill the tainted tears of Lost Love, rendering her village barren as was she, for Eternity. Her punishment was to live through and become a part of this Mighty Oak for Eternity, never to move. Only to watch the effect on her beloved land, as spoiled by the Tears of Forbidden Love.

© 2012 Shauna L Bowling