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The Fog's Vengeance

Dean Traylor is a freelance writer and teacher who writes about various subjects, including education and creative writing.


The fog was on a mission. It wanted to cover as many homes, streets, and buildings as it could. It slated the morning hours and knew it was the best time to do the deed. That way, it could prevent the sun from blessing the day with its rays. The sun brought joy to those pesky humans, but the fog didn’t wanted people to feel cheery and serene. It wanted to hinder the joy of a perfectly clear day.

Thus, at the first sign of dawn, the fog rolled over the hills and oozed into the canyon and ravines like a silent predator on the prowl. It rejoiced in its success as it engulfed the wooded groves and swallowed the barren roads. It covered the lakes, rivers, and creeks as it crept onto the border of the awakening town, unopposed and unstoppable.

“My work goes well,” it said in its icy breath -- as it left its signature dew on the trees, wires and roofs.

The gates and building were easily gobbled up. And covering the playground was a cinch. Even the kids playing there were caught off guard.

Soon it dampened the area with its, cold -- and eerily silent -- presence. But the fog was not merely content with that. It wanted to reach deep into the town before the sun can gather up its strength and burn him back to the ocean.

It headed toward the town center and onto the elementary school. Along the way, it passed over children and parents walking toward the school.

It was entertained by their reaction. They huddled up, slowed their paces, and took caution when crossing the street. Their lives were momentarily disrupted. If the fog could smile, it surely would on this day.

Soon, it reached the school. The gates and building were easily gobbled up. Next came the playground, which was a cinch to cover. Even the kids playing there were caught off guard. They fled to clear safe places as they were bombarded by the fog's chilling mist.

It figured the boy would tire of this. Just about every boy or girl who wanted a piece of the fog eventually became tired of the pursuit.

Again, the fog found delight in this.

But, the fog was not as observant as it believed to be. It missed the boy who arrived early and watched the fog roll in. The fog did not foresee the boy's decision to venture into the white misty realm it created.

At first, the boy was of little annoyance to the fog. It simply moved its mist away from the child’s hand or part ways as he ran through it. But, the boy didn’t give up.

It figured the boy would tire of this. Just about every boy and girl who wanted a piece of the fog eventually became tired of the pursuit.

But the fog noticed there was something different about this one. He’d stop to ruminate, and then continue his quest. He wasn’t tired, or sad, or even mad. Instead, he wore a great, big smile on his face.

He screamed and yelped in joy. He was having fun, much to the fog’s dismay.

“This can’t be,” it whispered.


But it was. And soon, other children – who watched from a distance – became courageous and joined in. Soon, the playground reverberated with screams of joy and laughter. Not only that, they ran through the fog (to its dismay), loosening its misty grasp on the playground. Finally, the fog had to rise above the playground and widen its visibility.

By this time, the sun had cleared the mountains. With a vengeance, the sun whisked the fog away with its piercing and warm rays.

The fog felt itself breaking up. It had been defeated. Not so much by the sun, but by the boy and his little peers. Knowing that its invasion was at an end, the fog slowly retreated toward the sea.

He gave back the playground, and then the school. The streets and buildings of the town soon reappeared. As did the rivers, lakes, creeks, wooded groves, and hills. Soon, it reached the ocean and dissipated in the ever-increasing presence of the sun’s ray.

The fog was defeated, but not for long. It promised itself it will show up again and again in the morning and take over the school and the town. But, despite its persistence, the fog knew it could never be too arrogant or confident, again. Defeat comes as easily as victory.

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© 2018 Dean Traylor

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