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"Florante at Laura" Summary: English and Tagalog (Original Translation)

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My Original Synopsis and Translation

If you’re looking for the summary or buod of the famous Filipino awit and masterpiece Florante at Laura written by Francisco “Balagtas” Baltazar, you’re on the right page. I’ve included both the English summary and the Tagalog version.

Here’s the buod, an excerpt or summary of the famous Filipino folklore. I’ve summarized it on my own, and this version cannot be found in the books or anywhere else. The beautiful story is discussed by chapters, also known as saknong, and it's also often staged into plays and sometimes put into other scripts and lyrics. Anyhow, the beautiful story of Francisco Baltazar is forever be treasured in the Philippine literature.

Florante at Laura Summary in English

On a faraway vast land, there’s a mystical forest outside the Kingdom of Albanya. Florante, son of Duke Briseo and Princess Floresca, was knotted tightly on a giant old tree in the middle of the dark forest. Sadness and emptiness crept around the helpless Prince. The scary woods and uncanny sounds of wild animals and creatures just didn’t help.

Just before two huge lions were about to ravish the poor Prince, a kindhearted Persian Morong, Aladin, helped Florante. Aladin was on exile from his own kingdom because of his father’s cruelty. His father, Ali-Adab, took his lovely fiancé away from him. On his way to the woods, he heard Florante’s scream trying to seek help from the lions nearly killing him.

The two became good friends and they started to talk about their past and what brought them there in the woods. Florante told Aladin his true identity – a prince of Albanya. He also told his new friend about his another near-death experience involving a giant crow which was killed by his cousin, Menalipo, his school days at Atenas where he met Adolfo whom from the beginning was his rival. Adolfo tried to kill Florante during their school play, the latter was rescued by Menandro, nephew of their kind professor – Antenor. Because of that terrible incident, Adolfo decided to go back home in Albanya.

One day in Atenas, a sad news came to Florante about the death of his mother. After two months, the Prince went back home in Albanya.

In Albanya, Duke Briseo and King Linseo, father of Laura, gathered a meeting about their defense against the troops of Persian General Osmalik. Osmalik ruined the Kingdom of Kotrona. According to the King, he dreamt of a clever powerful Prince who looked like Florante, their only weapon to beat Osmalik.

Florante instantly fell in love with Laura seeing her beauty. In his three days stay at their palace, he never had the chance to talk to the Princess. He only had few moments with her when he was prepared to battle. The princess only sent her tears and hopes.

Alas, Florante defeated Osmalik. He stayed for another five months in the kingdom of Kotrona. He went home and was amazed what greeted him…Their enemy, Morong, flag was waving high in the air.

While Florante and his troop of soldiers were on their way down the mountain, they witnessed a girl whose head was about to be cut by Aladin’s troop. Florante and his troop rescued the girl who was Laura. Eventually, Florante saved his kingdom including King Linseo, Duke Briseo and Adolfo.

After that triumph, another army headed by Miramolin tried to invade the Kingdom of Albanya. Fortunately, Florante has succeeded victory again.

In the midst of battle, Florante received a letter while he’s in Etolya. He had to go back to Albanya not knowing it was just a wicked scheme to kill him. Adolfo made it all to kill the young Prince. Adolfo has killed Florante’s father and took the crown and his kingdom. Florante has been captive for thirteen days. After that, the Count of Albanya has condemned him to be thrown away in the wild forest to feed the wild beasts and lions.

Learning about his dark fate, it was Aladin’s turn to tell Florante about his life. Aladin left his father’s kingdom after his father king took his fiancé, Flerida. He left everything behind and went to Persia. When Florante has succeeded in claiming back Albanya against Aladin’s troops, the king realized her son surrendered and for him it was a big shame. Because of that, he executed an order to catch Aladin and cut his head. But Aladin was thrown away from Persia and couldn’t come back again ever.

While Aladin and Florante got to know each other, they became good friends. They realized their own fate. In the middle of their chats, they heard voices of two people in the woods. They followed it and found out they were Laura and Flerida. Aladin then learned that Flerida escaped from the wicked hands of his father, Sultan Ali-Adab by disguising to be a gerero who fell down until reached the woods.

On the other hand, Florante realized that he was Laura’s one true love although he admitted he thought the girl cheated on him so many times. Laura never had affections to Adolfo which is why the latter tried to enslave her ruin her but Flerida saved Laura by speared the pitiless man. Menandro came looking for Adolfo only finding him dead.

After all has settled back to normal, everything went back into place in the kingdom and everyone was so happy. Everyone was celebrating in Albanya.

Florante and Laura married each other and celebrated their wedding. They became the new king and queen of Albanya while Aladin and Flerida were baptized as Christians before they wed, too. They returned back to Persia to start a new happy life and became the new leaders of their kingdom.

Character List

  • Florante
  • Laura
  • Aladin
  • Flerida
  • Adolfo
  • Duke Briseo
  • Princess Floresca
  • King Linseo
  • Sultan Ali-Adab
  • Osmalik
  • Menandro
  • Miramolin
  • Menalipo
  • Antenor

Florante at Laura Summary in Tagalog

Here’s the buod or summary of Florante at Laura written in Tagalog at wikiFilipino. Don't miss reading this amazing and moving story about the famous work of Francisco Baltazar. I know it's a major part of our second year in high school.

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