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A Girl and a Dog


Floral beauty

Like the buildings, Childhood is the base of an adult. A strong healthy base withstands a building properly. Children are like sweet-sour candy; no matter who you are or where you are, they please you. Laughter tickles, and innocence is their beauty which everyone adores. They are rich with joy, and purity. Yesterday, a sweet scenario occupied me.
It was a summer morning. Sun poured its rays on the earth like holy wine. I was waiting for the shuttle at the bus station wearing my uniform, a white shirt with gray bottoms. Few people arrived and some departed from the bus stop to their destination. In a while, there came a young couple with their daughter.
The little girl was around 4 or 5 years. As they arrived, the baby caught everyone’s attention with her little naughty things.
She was wearing a yellow floral dress. Yellow was giving her a fresh look just like a sunflower; rise and shine. Her red curly hair was like cotton candy; soft, fluffy, and voluminous. The most eye-catching factor was her big round eyes. All black and dense having the glimpse of spark to explore everything. She was observing and scanning everything with her little black eyes.
There came an ice cream man. I could see immediately after the van plays music; she asked her mother for something, but she denied it. Then she requested her father, he politely refuges. She tied her hands and sat on the footpath as the sign she is offended. Red apple cheeks enhanced her cuteness.
While she was sitting there, A stray puppy showed himself under the chairs. As soon she saw him, the kiddo rushed toward the dog and carried him. Her happiness was beyond passing over so did the puppy. He was skinny, muddy, and hungry too. “Emma don’t, he is filthy. You might mess yourself up” Her mom prompted her. “But mommy he is hungry and cold should be fed and sheltered,” Emma uttered in a melodious voice as a request.
She brought him to her dad, as he gestured her. Everyone on the platform was enjoying her activities. She put her index finger on her forehead, as pondering upon something.
She jumped and came out with “Oh Yeah! Daddy, we can wrap him in my other scarf.” Puppy felt at ease instantly after having a scarf on. Now, she was searching for something in her bag and a bit after came up with a sandwich and juice.
After so many attempts, when the puppy denied having human food, she again tied her hands as protesting over the puppy’s behavior. An old man sitting on the chair called her name.
Emma steadily moved toward him. The old man gave her a piece of chicken and said, “He cannot eat your sandwich, but I wonder if you give him this raw chicken, he is going to enjoy it.” The waves of pleasure broke out when the puppy ate the chicken. In all this, I saw my watch, I was shocked it said 8 am. “Oh no, I am gonna be late today.” shuttle should have come up till now. Just when I was thinking this, Bus came with its alarming horn. I took my stuff up and gave a last glance to the girl; I got reason to smile all day.

© 2021 Sibgha zahid

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