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Flicker of Light Keeping the Darkness Away

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A deafening silence echoes through the house. Weary heads fell into the pits in their pillows. Darkness consumes the house in one foul swoop. A single light flickers down an empty hallway holding onto its last breath. Engulfed in her music a wide-eyed teenage girl sits perched at the top of her bed propped up by two cleverly constructed pillows for maximum comfort. Light reaching its hand underneath the pale wooden door in search of her shadows. Every slight movement she makes creates a shadow on the creme walls looking more like an undiscovered creature with a distorted figure rather than a teenage girl. Lyrics billowing from her headphones masking the songs of creaking doors, snores and screeching possums. Her auburn hair hangs in front of her face dipping her head slightly. A quick jolt upright is followed by a yawn reaching ear to ear. Light retracts its hand taking its last breath before engulfing the whole house in darkness. Sheets rustle as everyone nestles into their blankets, wrapping into cocoons to trap warmth. Silent breaths replace the snores as everyone drifts off into sweet dreams. She takes her last breathe as the darkness eventually catches her and sends her into a deep slumber.

© 2018 Renee