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Flashback to a Dream

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Let's give my college life a flashback.

Well, she was there again, wearing the same dress. I figured it was going to be cool if I could wear the same color as hers. But no, that would have been too obvious. She's going to another school in the south, and I'm in the north. We will greet each other in silence every morning. I don't know what class she's going to be. For me, I'm an engineering student. I have classes to attend every morning, beginning at 8 a.m.

It's been a while since I managed to pick up her dropped book, which almost fell into a drain. She said thank you to me like a robot and left nonchalantly without waiting to hear me respond, "You're welcome." It wasn't friendly. Or maybe that was a warning, huh? Yeah, that's what I thought. Once I tried to greet her, hoping that she would introduce herself so that I could get to know her name. No, she just smiled and walked away, assuming that what she did was called polite. Yeah, it wasn't working well for me.

After a few attempts, I eventually gave up. As a man, you have to keep trying until you get it, no matter what area you're working on in your life. Career, school, relationship, money, whatever, you name it. Guys are cursed to work hard and get kicked in the face of the wrong things they've done. Somehow, chasing a girl can make a guy look dumb. It seems like a directionless bull, seeking to horn the red flag without understanding that the person is the one who holds it.

Years have gone. I got that piece of once-considered-as-a-powerful paper. I got a job, an unexpected salary. I was in a dilemma about whether to continue my studies or to seek other employment. Today, engineers do not require a very high level of education. Work experience is far more critical than academic papers. However, I have the urge to make my dream come true – to be a professor. So, I enrolled in a postgraduate program at one of the most prestigious universities in my country. I spent most of my days doing research.


One day, when it's going on all the time, I have to rush to get the bus to my workplace in the metro. My hair seemed disheveled as I struggled to slip my raincoat cap over my head. The water dripped out of my scalp. My phone rang suddenly. I was a little alarmed that I wanted my colleagues to contact me to adapt their lessons. Luckily, it wasn't one of them.

It was a cousin of mine.

Her name was Tina, and I kindly named her my siblings. She was 24, tall, with a soft smile and delicate eyes that looked eternally smiling. I was married to both of my brothers and sisters. We were planning marriages and living happily, so now it was her time to marry. She worked as a receptionist in a hotel near the airport.

"I was married."

"Who is the lucky man, then?" his name is Krishna. Krishna is his name.

He's a certified pilot. He's driving his uncle's vehicle, who's my manager. I was shuddered by her blissful expression.

I could no longer keep track of what she was doing. My father, a business driver, made a mistake. What else could I say because so many young men have been involved with attractive pay packages? She had chosen a taxi driver above them. "Where are you going to stay, then?

"Please take note of the position of my rule."

Suddenly, I finished. I ended up abruptly.

There were torments of despair in my heart.

My cousin was a gorgeous child. She was wearing jeans that cost two thousand rupees. My uncle was also a LIC agent who spent all his resources on schooling and education for his precious daughter. He was a strict-principled man. Besides, he was incredibly proud of the fact that he was a brahmin. I still didn't know how he could handle the discreet actions of his daughter.

Krishna has always been a friend of the family. My aunt never believed anything less than affection between them. Today, her husband will blame her twice. First of all, to accept her daughter beyond a doubt. Next, to cover up her husband's adultery. My uncle will never grasp the naivety of her wife. The misery will begin now; the great war will break out in my home. I have lost my mind and wondered.

The day started as expected. Though melancholic, I went to most of my classes with my pencil and recorded it with my hand.

I yelled rudely as a professor at the engineering college should. I went out and frowned afterward if only my cousin had an engineer. Without talking to someone, I spent three or four days in peace. When she was one year old, my aunt lost her mother. I thought she might have earned more in life than seeing her daughter marry a low-caste taxi driver. I'm usually a trained individual, Beca monastery.

I've been able to hang tight on all my marriage premonitions.

My uncle was an unhappy man who had been devastated by feelings. Tina realized that her relatives would not readily support her involvement. She had married in the temple in Kali and moved to the constitution. They had two stores and a two-story home. They were merchants. Her mother-in-law invited Tina to the house, but her father-in-law remained stubborn.

The young couple's battle began together. They rented a tiny house for the little savings they had accumulated. They came to my aunt's place every day for their dinner. In the end, my uncle swore to all of them, both of whom he blamed as irrational. He also tried to force Krishna to give up his baby, but Tina remained unmoved and firm. She said that she loved Krishna and that she should come to Krishna.

My mind had changed from terror to peaceful reconciliation. One day, when I was sleeping comfortably, we wished things could turn out better for us. When I picked up my mother's mobile phone, she shouted, "Tina committed suicide. Your aunt is very sick. Your aunt is very sick. She was taken to the ambulance. I've been petrified and surprised. My uncle scolded her on a fateful day and ordered her to avoid feeding.

She was angry, humiliated, and brutally stormed. Nobody has been watching her. She crept silently into the building, took a chord, and hung it to the fan. It was noticed fifteen minutes late by her husband. At that point, she was gone. I don't know what caused her to die. Is it the passion or the truth that weighed down her soul?

I didn't know the answer. I know what happens when we don't understand it. We are gradually losing our loved ones. It was raining again today, and I just thought that it washed away my tears and cleaned my core while I was intoxicated.

© 2020 Michael

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