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Flash Fiction Stories Vol 1

Faith, Art, writing and learning are Tim’s passions. Tim loves working in education. He has a BS in Psychology from Albright College.


A Writing Life

There are times I think I going to stop writing and stick to creating my visual art work. Every time I set a new course for my creative life new writing ideas for poems and stories pop into my head. So I pick up a pen or sit down by a keyboard and create written works of art. So I guess in the end I still create using words or a brush. I hope you enjoy my latest four flash fiction stories.

The Toy

The Toy

“Honey, look at the cool spaceship toy. Do you think your brother would like it?”

“Yes, dad. He likes all the geeky stuff. He’s a nerd.

“I wish you wouldn’t call him that.,.just because he likes..,”

“Dad…can we just pay and go? I got things to do.”

“Sure, but can you watch the attitude!”


They paid and left the store. They’d only walked a few steps when a little green man holding what looked like some weird pistol stopped them.”

“Earthling, you have something I need.”

“You’re not getting my body or my daughter’s body for that matter….”

The alien shook his head. “You watch too much of your science fiction shows. I don’t do that. I want the ship you’re carrying.” He pointed the gun at the toy ship.”


“It belongs to me. I need it to get home. So, one last time please give me my ship.”

The father set the ship on the ground. The little green man walked up to it and touched a button on the side ship. It grew to ten times its size. The alien touched the side of his hand to the side of the ship. A door opened. The alien started to step inside. He turned, “Thank you.” The door closed and the ship sped on into the sky. The father and daughter just stood there and stared into the sky. Neither of them had thought of taking their phones out to film their little adventure.


“They keep calling me special but what’s so special about me? Sure I can do things other people can't, like walk up walls, run fast and a few other things but I still think I’m like everyone else. Well, I guess if everyone else was able to do the things I can do. Still I don’t see myself as anyone special just a guy like all other guys. Wait…what is that I hear…someone in distress. I heat to cut this interview short but I gotta go.”

“Wait, I have more questions. I have a deadline…”

“Sorry newspaper lady but trouble calls me.” He said before speeding off.

“Crap,” she said as she took out her phone. She dialed a number. On the other end a voice said, “Is the job done?”

“No he got away…now what?”


The Rain

My dad always told me life is a series of storms. How you weather the storms is based on how well you prepare for them. Well no amount of preparation could have gotten me ready for the storm which was about to come.

It started out innocently enough, a few raindrops falling from the sky. Then the people who got wet started to develop sores on their bodies. Soon everything took a turn for the worse when the first screams started. In a matter of several hours of rain the world's population had been reduced by two thirds.

Those of us who were left found ourselves stuck indoors waiting for the rain to stop but the rain lasted for days and days. People had no choice but to try and venture out for food and other necessities. Some were successful but more died trying.

Once the rain stopped, diseases from the rotting corpses spread through the survivors. Soon our numbers dwindled down. I don’t know how many of us are left but…well let’s put it this way, I’m now in survival mode. I must learn how to fight and make my way through the world not knowing if the next rainfall will be my last.

A Minute in Time

A lot can happen in a minute. For instance, in a minute my girlfriend left me. In another minute I lost my job. Can you see where this is going? Well let’s just say in 30 minutes I found myself back at my parents house living in the basement. Oh yeah looking at the wanted ads.

“Wait, what’s this? I’ve only been looking for a minute and here’s a job listing with my name, Josh Jones…strange. Please call we have the perfect position for you.”

See I told you things can happen in a minute. Well I gotta go call about this job. I hope it is something interesting.

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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