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Flash Fiction: Isolation

Road Monkey always wanted to be an author, almost from she first learnt to write.

BillyBuc's Challenge 1

Just catching up now to produce a story in response to William D Holland's first photo challenge prompt Instalment 1.

I have chosen to write this as flash fiction, so only about 600 words.

The Graveyard

Dear Mum,

How are you keeping? I thought I should take a walk somewhere where no people are likely to appear. With the third wave of this new coronavirus and MORE of these self-isolating laws coming out, it’s getting harder and harder to get some fresh air, without one of THOSE stopping you and asking for your papers. I couldn’t take the car, or I would be stopped, so thought I would slip out early and visit the old graveyard, where your great (however many times) great granny was buried. It looks so different now, the graves are disappearing under grass and no cut flowers anywhere. I must say, the wildflowers look a lot nicer and it’s very pleasant walking there now. I cleaned the gravestone off, so have sent you a photo to show you. I only just realised, it’s the 250th anniversary of her birth this year and your 50th too!

Country Lane

Country Lane

The Old Road

The road up to the graveyard is also getting overgrown. You can see that the grass is starting to grow up the centre line and it won’t be long before the branches make it hard to get a vehicle through. It’s great for walking though and means I am less likely to be followed.

The Old Barn

The Old Barn

The Barn

Uncle Jack’s barn is looking very dilapidated. I can’t get anyone to come out and mend it. Not much point now we haven’t the labour to plant the grass, I suppose, and the house is not in much better shape. I check it every so often. At least there are no squatters trying to get into it, though I think there may be a few mice. I’ll have to bring the cat up with me next time I come. I have tried advertising for tenants or even just renters but there are so few people needing accommodation now.

The Old House

The Old House

The Old House

The House

Maybe I should just come and live in it myself. There would certainly be space to plant my potatoes and peas and plenty of room for my painting, though no one is buying them now! It just would be hard getting the car out of there when I am allowed out to shop and you know I can’t just carry the stuff when you have to buy a month’s worth of goods at a time. Of course, there would be plenty of space at Uncle Jack’s to store stuff and I might not need as much if I reinstated Aunt Jane’s kitchen garden.

At The Lake

The Lake

I sat down by the lake for a while after visiting the old grave, and have caught a few fish, so that’s tonight’s tea sorted and maybe even tomorrow’s too. The fish stocks seem to be increasing, now with no fertiliser or pesticide run off from the fields and I haven’t seen any of those two-headed fish recently either, so that’s good too.

Have To Go Now

I was just thinking about this new coronavirus and all the other ones you have lived through. You must have been just a child when that covid-19 came out. You said your mum told you that kids didn’t get that one, or at least it seemed quite mild for them, they just passed it on but your grandparents both died from it? But it was a bit different with the rotovid-25 wasn’t it? That’s when your baby brother died? And dad died from SARS-30? It just seems we have never got away from any of these covids and rotoviruses at all, so odd they just seemed to turn really dangerous all of a sudden and the new vaccines never caught up. Wonder when they will get a vaccine for this Covid-69? Ah well, at least we don’t have all that pollution your mother talked about.

Well, I am going to have to go, my pesky robot is buzzing me, wondering where I am. Enjoy the photos and don’t let your robot stop you getting into your greenhouse to check your tomatoes. They don’t seem to realise that the glass is a barrier between you and others!



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