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Flash Fiction: Lightness of Spirit

Mark Tulin is a baseball fan from Philadelphia, PA. He has four books of poetry and one short story collection, available on Amazon.


Lightness of Spirit

My life is in a dream. A dream of being surrounded by mountains--mountain ranges and peaks fill my mind, imagining myself high above the earth on rocky soil--on top of the world with nothing but fresh air and clouds.

I see myself walk up a steep incline, a spiraling path, feeling the crunch of gravel below my feet. I follow a single ray of light as if it were my spiritual compass, my guidepost in my climb. There is no doubt in my mind that I make it to the top. I always do.

A voice, a spirit, summons me to the top where I can rest, granting me its vast space and peace as my reward for the years of suffering. Suffering in the valley of hardship where my life was broken and useless.

In the mountain, I forget how compromised my life was. My mind is clear of the past and my painful memories evaporate with the freshness of the mountain air.

Once among the clouds, I am free of the paralysis, my heart regains a regular rhythm, and a wheelchair no longer constrains my movement. I am free of all disabilities--without tubes to help me breathe or bags to collect my waste. There is no nurse's aide helping me with daily living skills. Now I am on my own, eating when hungry, going where and when I choose.

High atop the mountain, I visualize standing tall on a bamboo platform, gazing at the jagged highlands, surrounded by the beauty of the universe.

And as I breathe in the intermingled scent of pine, lavender, and eucalyptus, I feel the mountain spirit flow through me--my companion--my salvation--my healer. My home has become a mountain peak where the angels sing and shower me with the atmosphere's misty grace. The hawks and eagles circle overhead to signify my freedom and strength--commemorating my spiritual awakening.

And as the clouds break up, the sun appears. Violins play in my head as the shining light returns, this time even brighter. Its warmth greets me with a smile and tells me the universe has rewarded me with wings and a body light enough to fly. Now I can soar like an eagle.

And I believe this to be my reality, even when I wake from the dream. Despite being confined on land and to my disability, my spirit is light enough to fly above it all.

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