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Fishing - from the Viewpoint of the Bait

Do I Seem a Little Nervous to You?


Hello There I Have Something to Say to You

Well, here goes. My name is Hard Bait, and for a while I have been living in a moderately comfortable paper and plastic package.

It's not like I have been up to much, mind you, unless the fraction of space I have to slightly rattle as my package is examined by a would be fisherman counts for anything.


No. I sit, and I wait. Actually, I have somewhat lost track of how long I have been hanging around. It could be days, weeks, maybe even months.

The sun never sets here.

I'm Not Lonely But

No. I'm not Lonely.

I watch people of all sizes walk by. I watch them with my one good eye. Big people. Little people.

But, today, a woman picked me up.

She Seems a Little Crazy

Can I level with you?

I always dreamed of the day I would leave this hook. I thought I would go live in a tackle box with other bait creatures.

But, somehow, with this lady, that doesn't look like an option. So, she put me in her cart. Not to complain, but it was a bumpy ride. Then, I ended up in a bag next to some deodorant. Old Spice and Axe. Evidently, the purchase was not for herself.

But, you never know nowadays.

I Knew It - She Is Crazy

I heard her on the phone with someone. I'm not going to live in a tackle box. I'm not even going to ever see a lake.

No. She intends to use me in an art deco project. I'm going to be a fish.

I feel like Pinocchio right now. You know, when he woke up and he was a real boy?

Yeah, that feeling... Although I do not think I will actually be a real live fish.



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