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Fishing For A Fight

Carrie is an avid short story teller who appreciates constructive feedback of her work

No Night is A Perfect Night For All


Cooper’s heavy, hazel eyes sorely squint as he drives his paint chipped Jeep to his last security check point, North Side Inlet near the marina inside Gunpowder Ridge State Park. Its approaching dusk, closing time for lingering patrons soaking in the last moments of twilight, he is exhausted, but presses on with minutes left in his shift. As Cooper treks bouncy over the vacant, gravel parking lot of the inlet he spots a fisherman’s silhouette casting a slender rod from the edge of the warped dock. He rolls into park, arms a flashlight and emerges closer to the figure.

“Sir, its dusk, the park is closed and its time to leave,” Cooper orders affirmatively.

“I’m not going anywhere unless my father instructs me otherwise,” the man distinctly speaks.

“Your father?” Cooper asks with one hand grasping his walkie talkie.

“Of course, that’s right, you don’t know him,” the man grunts while still facing forward.

“Okay Mister, my name is Park Ranger Cooper Coolidge and I have the authority to forcefully escort you off the premises, so please do me a favor and cooperate, the fish will be here tomorrow”, Cooper pleads.

“Tomorrow will be too late,” the man shrugs.

“Okay, final warning, leave NOW!” Cooper orders.

“I already told you I am not leaving,” the man bellows like a lion’s roar.

Suddenly, his hips slightly shift until he glares at Cooper with cobalt fire eyes.

“What are you?” Cooper asks while leaping back.

“I’m an angel with an important task so please don’t interfere,” the angel smiles

“What task? “ Cooper gulps.

“I’ve got a bite! “ the angel delights like it is his first fish on the hook

He reels the catch in as his angel body levitates above the dock, thus exposing his glorious titanium feathered wings fit to protect kingdoms. Abruptly, there is a sonic splash and a massive, scaly serpent emerges, boiling the water around it black. The fishing rod then transforms into a lightning white flaming sword.

Cooper snatches his walkie and quivers, “Cooper to dispatch, come in over”.

The walkie fizzles static, then without warning, eardrum rupturing trumpets belt in every direction. Cooper collapses as blood trickles from his ears, he watches helplessly as the creature and the angel battle.

The colossal jawed piranha headed serpent slithers like a cobra, weaving interchangeably, but within a few blinks, the angel strikes down the creature, making it look like playtime. Joyfully, the agonizing trumpets sounds are gone as Cooper wobbles to his feet.

“What was that thing?” Cooper trembles.

“You saw it?” the angel asks.

“Yeah”, Cooper gasps

“An aquatic demon out for destruction. It was lurking in your lake for quite some time, so I had to lure it with the bait of sin”, the angel scoffs while retracting his wings and walking on the water.

“Will it be back? “ Cooper questions

“No, but others like it will. You see there are many battles between angels and demons that take place, even in broad daylight most can’t see, but tonight you can. It only means one thing, you will become our father’s warrior,” the angel declares.

“Our father, you mean God?”, Cooper ponders.

“Yes. You have never believed in him, but he never stopped believing in you,” the angel confesses.

“But why me? “ Cooper asks.

“Only he holds the answer”, the angel winks then evaporates into the sleepy lake.

Immediately Cooper feels an unexplained surge of love; purity so gracefully depth it flushes away years of crude darkness.

Cooper returns home to his wife who is in the kitchen cooking spaghetti.

“Hey, how was your first day?”, she asks turning off the gas burner on the stove.

“I’m going to church with you on Sunday”, Cooper states while embracing her deeply.

“Cooper, you didn’t have a brush with death, did you?”, she asks horrified.

“No, I had a brush with Life”, Cooper wept.

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