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Finding Wings


If ya wanna be the don

If ya wanna be the king

If ya wanna be the one

If ya wanna be the thing

If ya wanna be the boss

If ya wanna be the bling

If ya wanna be the chief

If you wanna be Ka-ching.....

If you're sick of bein' best man

If you wanna wear the ring

If you're fed up being stung

If you wanna be the sting

If you wanna be the song

Then hear all your doubters sing

If you're captive to your Past

If you wanna find your wings....

....If you're sick of bein wrong

If it sucks waiting so long

If you're done being so strong

If you'd trade strength for those wings.....

If ya wanna crush dem grapes

If ya gonna make 'em whine

If you wanna be a Dollar

Turning nickels into dimes

If ya wanna grind the hardest

If ya gonna make it fine

If you've fallen off a bit

But still not far from Di-vine....

If you're sick of feelin' shown up

If ya wanna really shine

If you're over reppin' shadows

If you'll throw up your own sign

If ya wanna live life loosely

If ya wanna toe the line

If you believe in fearless living

If you have no fear of dying

If you wanna be a Killer

Turning syllables to rhymes

If you'd leave 'em doubters dizzy

If ya are one of a kind

If ya wanna be a shooter

Ballin'- ticklin' the twines.....

If you ain''t silly for Laughin'

But still ain't a b*tch for cryin'

If you feel no shame for failing

But you're not content with tryin'

If you're too good to be True

But really too Real to be lyin'

If you're in Babel yelling "YO!"

Underneath the Arch of Zion

If You're cursed to be the Bless-ed One

The Bitter in the finest wine......

what,?.....Praise God! I’m Flying!!!



These scars are only to Remind

Soar in My Glory, above the Grind

What you fly over, leave behind

Taunting Hell, still not defeated

As “The Blessed One” you are defined”


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