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Finding Religion

It was dark and cold, it had rained earlier on in the day so there were wet puddles of water everywhere. You drunk as usual but alert, you don’t know why everyone kept on saying that you should stop drinking, alcohol made you alert and strong. Just look at the way you jumped over the last puddle of water you saw, you couldn’t have jumped with such skill if you were sober.

Maybe you stumbled a little when you walked but who doesn't stumble? People are just envious of you, yes that is it. You say the truth, keep out of trouble and only drink. People are envious of everything nowadays, no wonder there is so much evil in the world.

Come to think of it where were you? It’s late, yes, but why is it soo dark you can’t even see his hands in the darkness. Ah! Did you drink too much today, or there is a black out? ECG has done their thing again? No? Where is everyone? Ah! Well, they will come out if they so want to, you will just be lying down on the nice cool floor in the mean time.

There is a man standing above you and shouting, very annoying. He is saying some unintelligible words, and spittle of spits from the man keeps landing on you from different angles, disgusting. You tried going back to sleep but this man wouldn’t stop his incessant muttering and shouting.

“Who are you?”, the man demanded who are you? Who are you? The nerve of this man???? You, who was just minding your business and sleeping on the floor, he said it!! The envious people!!!

You cracked open your eyes and also shouted back “who are you too? How dare you disturb me”

The new man then shouted not looking directly at you, “its the evil spirit talking, I said it, this man has been bewitched”.

You man heard a sharp gasp of wonder, too loud to be coming from one person, so you got up abruptly and looked around. You are surrounded by a group of onlookers, peering at you as if you were a lion in a zoo cage.

“I command you to come out of him you evil spirit”, shouted the man who you now presume to be a pastor. He looked the part, a Bible in hand, and he even wore the right attire, a worn out suit accompanied with a sharp pointed toe shoes.

“My name is Kofi”, you replied almost shakenly, because you just felt the most searing migraine. “Yes!!! Yes!!! The demon as revealed itself as Kofi”, shouted the Pastor who was starting to get on your nerves, “ brethren, look at me as I drive the demon out of this man”. You had, had enough of the pastor by now so you made an attempt to stand on your feet.

Unfortunately for you, the pastor started praying the exact moment you made that attempt to stand, and you failed miserably to maintain your stamina so you fell back to the ground. The crowd grew excited, the pastor’s prayers just increased in both speed and vigor, he is sweating profusely now and invoking the name of God in an aggressive manner. You made an attempt to open and your mouth and say that you just drunk not possessed, but the words refused to come, your mouth was left hanged open and the pastor addressed the crowd, and told them the demon is exiting through your opened mouth.

The crowd grew more excited, you just made it on your second attempt to stand on your feet and the pastor announced that you have been finally healed. You leaned against an abandoned table, and looked on as the pastor accepted “offertory” from the crowd, whilst being commended on doing a great job by driving the demon out of you. You watched the pastor count the money, and you swore that was the last time you will ever touch alcohol again.

The next day you got an old tattered Bible, dug out a worn out suit from your bag, and dusted off your black long pointed toe shoe. There was work to be done!

© 2022 Akosua Ago Mansa