Finding One True Love

Updated on May 7, 2017

You Are The One

I do not want to waste my youth

On promising to love someone.

There’s too much fun and pleasure left,

So many things to do not done.

These are the best years of my life,

And I just want to live for me.

It’s true I’m on a merry-go-round,

But doesn’t love mean being free?

I was out on the town last night,

And my good friends were everywhere.

Lights and music were wonderful,

And one-night stands were there.

I was doing alright, I guess,

Till I saw a lonely old man,

Who sadly looked so out of place,

I thought, “Won’t hurt. Do what you can

To, just this once, for someone else,

Do something that is sacrificial.”

I walked up and said, “How are you?”

In a way that I thought was special.

I really thought he’d be flattered

To have someone take an interest,

So much so that I smugly thought

“I’m really good, not like the rest.”

But, oh, that look when our eyes met,

It puzzles me still to this day,

And his way about something he said

As I started to walk away,

The words were “Love the one you’re with,

For but one to you is given.

Your prison will indeed be lonely,

If by self-love you are driven.”

This old man is wasting his time

Using a line like that on me.

“He should be home with his lover,”

I thought, “for I am twenty-three.”

Then comes the morning as I stand

Before the mirror bathing.

Where has time gone? I’m thirty-five,

And I notice I am aging.

Now when I go to the night spots,

It’s with a different goal in mind.

I want to know if I still have it,

I want to know if life’s been kind.

I know now more than I knew then,

But I try not to think too deep.

I want good times. That keeps me up.

Philosophy puts me to sleep.

However, partying late at nights,

It seems I’ve come home more and more,

Sad, confused and disenchanted,

Often wondering who’s been the bore.

There was a time or two I tried

To share a beauty found in nature,

But it was just a one-way street,

My cup of tea, not their pleasure.

It seems at times I’m what they want,

Yet thoughts inside me nag and say,

“If you are really what they want,

Why is it, then, they walk away,

The moment you begin to talk

Of love, commitment and sacrifice?”

Are merely multiple affairs,

Drunkenness and every other vice,

The only things these people find

Truly worthy to live and die for?

God in Heaven, if You be there,

Tell me life and love hold more!

“Well, time has left me old and worn,”

I say to myself in the mirror.

“I’m sixty years old and living

With mem’ries instead of a lover.”

Good times and faraway places,

How sad no one is here for me

To take in my arms now and then,

And smile and say, “Remember when we…”

“Is it ever too late?” I ask,

As I reach for the telephone.

“I’ll invite someone into my life,

Dial up a friend, see who’s alone.”

But they’re busy, booked up, away,

As I look for just one friend who

Hasn’t any obligations and

Would like some company, too.

As I dialed each number to find

Another friend who wasn’t free,

I remembered all the answers

I gave to those who once asked me,

“Why can’t you settle down and love?

And times when love is in your sight,

Why do you try to find one better,

Than that you gazed upon last night?”

Can love be found where is no challenge?

Is a stone worth more before it frees,

By work from patient sculptor hands,

The sculpture that was meant to please?

July 17, 1988

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